[FORMATTED] Zone Creating Plugin, similar to that of "EpicZones"

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by bounceraff, Aug 4, 2013.

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    If this hasn't been filled yet for some reason, I have actually already made a clone of the plugin that EpicZones is cloning, my clone is actually been production tested and our new version is almost finished. I have decided that the new version will be released open source, but server owners that wish to beta test (more like add features) will get a working jar file for their server. I developed the original for the server craftacia.no-ip.tk. Ask an admin about the plugin if modwizcode (that's me) is not online.
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    wizcoder I only recompiled the source from the github, my own intention was to keep this running till somebody else takes over
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    Maybe a misunderstanding, we are both cloning a plugin, the only difference is that I think I am cloning the original, without sources. Sorry I said original in my reply I meant original version of my own clone, I am rewriting my clone with SQL storage because of how bad YAML performance become during saves.
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    wizcoder I won't stop you, I just compiled it, not cloning :p
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    ? Talking about something confusing now. I cloned a plugin that has a similar name, wrote it from scratch. It comes from the same family of plugins. Not accusing you of anything at all. I am just saying I have a production tested and hardened plugin that I am rewriting and I could add the features to fit the needs of the OP.
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    Owww, then I am mis-understanding :p
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    Soooooo . . . . you have a plugin that does what EpicZones does?
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    wizcoder Do you have a link for it? I'm very much interested in checking it out!
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    No link sorry my friend, if you would be willing to discuss further over PM or email I can help you. This is not currently a publicly released plugin and although I am writing the new version for myself, I wish to make an agreement with the owner of the original custom plugin first. I will be willing to discuss features, testing, release schedules, etc. Possibly I will get this plugin up on BukkitDev for free with permission from the purchaser of the original.
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    So, I no longer get the error! I can create zones normally, however, I'm having trouble getting the "properties/flags" of the zone to take effect. Would it be too much to ask if you could take a look at it and perhaps find what's wrong?

    I'm not getting any errors in the console or in the chat in-game, perhaps the plugin is still "out of date" so to speak? at least, some parts of it might need touching up, perhaps?

    And, wizcoder, thanks, but no thanks. If it isn't on Bukkit, I don't want it. Sorry.
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    Sigh . . . . bump?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    bounceraff I am still alive ;)
    Could you tell me what commands you type to change the property's / flags?
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    timtower haha I never doubted you ;) Just have a habit of being impatient, forgive me? :p

    I believe the command is (while editing a zone) - /zone flag <flagname> <value>
    where <flagname> can be Fire, PvP, explode, sanctuary, fireburnsmobs, or mobs. And <value> is a value that changes whether or not the flag is enabled/disabled.

    Unfortunately, the documentation for this plugin is lacking in information, particularly for the <value> bit. I have no idea what any of the possible <values> are.

    Here is a link to the only documentation for it, apparently, it too is out of date: https://github.com/jblaske/EpicZones/wiki/Usage
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    Just keeping a spotlight on it ;)
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    timtower Any progress? getting kinda worried :p
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    So, anyone else willing to pick this up? I assume TimTower is finished . . .
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    This is the most important plugin for me right now. You have no idea how much I need this to be picked up.
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    Is it seriously THAT hard to bring this back?? Someone has to be able to do it!! WorldGuard and WorldEdit won't work. Factions is useless now. This is literally my ONLY option right now.

    I just need a little help.
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    Sigh, ok. I might be able to this weekend. Let me check my busy schedule.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    bounceraff Not hard to bring it back, but hard to find those bugs you are talking about, because I can't find them
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    Looking through the source to find the values...will edit when I find everything.

    Okay, sorry if any of this is hard to understand, translating code into english is hard...

    pvp - true/false

    mobs - none, monsters, monster, animals, animal, all, any of these
    ^Can be separated by a colon:)), comma(,), or space( ) to add in multiple values, however you have to pick one, you can't do "monster,pig:cow wolf", but you can do "monster,pig,cow,wolf"

    regen - okay I don't actually know how this works so I can't tell you exactly what to do, but it takes a bunch of numbers formatted the same way as the mobs

    fire - takes one or two true/false values formatted with the same splitters as mobs(colon, comma, space). The first one is for "ignite" and the second one is for "spread". If only one is specified it is "ignite" since "ignite" is first, and spread is false by default.

    explode - takes four true/false values formatted like fire. They stand for TNT, creeper, ghast, and other. Each defaults to false if not specified.

    sanctuary - true/false

    fireburnsmobs - true/false

    endermenpick - true/false

    timtower for reference most of the info is here
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    timtower They might not necessarily be "bugs" but perhaps just documentation issues??

    So, just to make sure I understand this correctly:

    To disable PvP in a zone, I would type: "/zone flag pvp false" and to enable: "/zone flag pvp true"

    To allow cows and skeletons to spawn in a zone: "/zone flag mobs cow skeleton

    (Regen I just won't use)

    To disable fire igniting and spreading: "/zone flag fire false false" just disable ignite: "/zone flag fire false true"
    just disable spreading: "/zone flag fire true false"

    To disable all explosions: "/zone flag explode false false false false" and toggle in the order of TNT, creeper, ghast, and other.

    To enable sanctuary (invincible): "/zone flag sanctuary true"

    To allow mobs (peaceful/hostile/both??) to be burned(hurt?) by fire: "/zone flag fireburnsmobs true"

    To disable endermen picking up blocks: "/zone flag endermenpick false"

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    timtower Don't worry about it, Garrison's post cleared up some commands that were questionable. I think I was just typing in the wrong commands (lack of Doc) and thinking they were bugs. Which could be why you weren't finding them :p

    Just as long as the plugin functions correctly and is usable. If at all possible, I would consider doing the documentation myself :p
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    Ok, so I'm back at the "Bugs" that Timtower was trying to find.

    I created a zone "Testing" and saved it:
    /zone create Testing
    /zone save

    Then I edited to zone to set the flags:
    /zone edit Testing
    /zone flag fire . . .

    Here's where the problems are . . .I've tried all of these:
    /zone flag fire false false
    /zone flag fire false
    /zone flag fire false,false

    None of these stop fire igniting or fire spreading?? And there aren't any errors or messages etc. in the chat or config.

    Also, I keep getting this in the console: [Metrics] Server returned HTTP response code: 502 for URL: http://mcstats.org/report/EpicZones
    How do I make it go away? haha

    And upon logging out and logging back in (without changing ANYTHING) I no longer have permissions to do anything regarding EpicZones . . .

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