[FORMATTED] Zone Creating Plugin, similar to that of "EpicZones"

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    EpicZones Revival or Recreation.
    Let's see if a nice, formatted post has any more luck.

    Plugin category: Zone/Grief Protection.

    Suggested name: [Doesn't Matter]

    What I NEED: It's simple. I need one of two things:

    - The plugin "EpicZones" to be revived. It is listed in the Plugins Request Guide, so it must have been important enough to someone.
    - A new plugin to be created/linked to that is LIGHTWEIGHT and similar to EpicZones.

    Let me touch on some very important and crucial features:

    - Polygonal or Circular zone creation. Squares and cuboids just don't cut it.
    - "Flags," also known as toggle-able settings that prevent events such as: fire spreading, explosions, destroying/building, mob spawning, etc.
    - Messages when leaving/entering different zones.
    Added by Fire_Feather:
    - Add the ability to play a sound/song when entering a zone.
    - Set per-zone weather.
    - Maybe add support for OtherDrops so that mobs will drop different items in different zones.

    A link to EpicZones for a reference to what I'm going for: CLICK ME

    Now . . . all of you WorldEdit/WorldGuard people . . . imagine, for a second, a camping trip. You need a fire to keep warm. Do you make a small, simple fire that gets the job done while remaining pleasing to the eye . . . . . . or do you set the whole freaking forest ablaze?

    I NEED SOMETHING SMALL; FOCUSED ON ONLY THE ZONE CREATION, FEATURES, ETC. NOTHING THAT IS "BIG AND BULKY" AND HAS A THOUSAND OTHER THINGS I WILL NEVER USE, LIKE WE/WG. If I'm not going to use all the features, I don't want it taking up space on my server. Period.

    Ideas for commands: [Doesn't Matter] - as long as it's pretty straight-forward

    Ideas for permissions: As long as OPs can use it, permissions aren't necessary (but completely optional to the developer).

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.

    I'd do it myself if I could, but, alas, I am no programmer . . . I'm not exactly sure how "simple" this sort of thing would be?

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    EpicZones is inactive? That's disappointing :'(

    What exactly do you want it for? Player owned, defining towns, world protection?
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    Fire_Feather I used to have EpicZones on an older server I ran. I used it to create special areas around my spawn. For example, I had a massive volcano; when a player got close to it, the volcano's name appeared in the chat and players would slowly take damage (from the intense heat) and fire didn't spread. I also had a scenic waterfall/lake area that was similar to the volcano, but players were healed, etc. I also relied on it heavily for area protection too.

    This is what I would like a plugin for. EpicZones really boosted my server's ambiance and made it more of an actual world with character rather than just another server with just another spawn area. It made it unique.
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    Shameless bump.
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    Anything? Anything at all? Does anyone know of a similar plugin? I'm begging for scraps here . . .

    Something besides WorldEdit/Guard that still captures the basic functions of EpicZones??
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    I support this. It would be great to see something like this come back... Some fun ideas:
    - Add the ability to play a sound/song when entering a zone
    - set per-zone weather
    - maybe add support for OtherDrops so that mobs will drop different items in different zones?
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    I wonder, if we get enough people rallying behind this, maybe someone will actually decide to make it, or "continue" it?
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    This sounds like a great idea. I would make it, but I'm not a very great programmer myself. Maybe have a WorldGuard flags plugin which adds every flag necessary to make what you are looking for.
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    You're asking for a duplicate of world guard.
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    bossomeness Well, I appreciate your offer to help even if you can't :D and also NO. NO WORLDGUARD.

    Samthelord1 No, I am not asking for a duplicate WorldGuard . . . . I am asking for a duplicate EpicZones (which is outdated).
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    Why so much against WorldGuard? It can do a lot of the things requested. Only things that stand out to me as different are polygonal and circular protections. If that got added to WG, what would be stopping you from using it? I know it has a bunch of features that you don't need, but honestly you are a lot more likely to have someone add on to WG than to remake a whole plugin.

    I wish you good luck however you end up getting it though.
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    daboross It's not so much against WorldGuard, but rather against all the space I would waste better served elsewhere. :/ and Thank you, I'm really hoping someone will find it in them to get this going :)
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    There has to be someone out there who can do this. Anyone?
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    Shameless bump #2 . . . I hate to have to do this, I really do.
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    as soon as i finish this book im studying(Head First Java), and if no one try to create this, i will attempt to do this plugin
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    At this point, I would welcome ANY attempt on recreating this plugin!
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    Aside from xButler's offer, we are still at square one with this . . . . . .
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    bounceraff Those things can't be done from this side, weather is client side, and OtherDrops needs to hook into this, not the other way around
    Also: The Polygonal selection isn't easy at all
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    timtower The features you are discussing were added in by another member, hence the "added by . . . ".

    I understand that polygonal selection is no easy task, I can settle for just circles and ellipses (anything but squares! while still having an option for squares, just in case). I would greatly prefer polygonal selection if someone can tackle it.

    Would it be possible to look at the EpicZones code for help by chance? Just an idea?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    bounceraff Lets say that I want to fix EpicZones and take over the dev page ( this is possible! )
    What are the errors / issues?
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    timtower There aren't any issues with EpicZones, other than it is Terribly Out-Of-Date.
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    timtower Also, are you considering reviving EpicZones? That would be fantastic!!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Maybe, won't be adding new things, just reviving
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    timtower Just reviving would be all that I ask for!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Started by importing all of the code ( there are loads of it )
    Do have 1 error: HeroChat, will disable it till I know how to fix everything

    First version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrrgyxe2bg6wcw2/EpicZones.jar
    Just compiled the source of the github, haven't changed anything else besides disabling HeroChat
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    timtower Sweet! and I don't use HeroChat so no problems here! haha

    timtower Ok, I may have a problem . . .

    In the server console, I have:

    [INFO] [EpicZones] Enabling EpicZones v0.1.1
    [INFO] [EpicZones] error starting: null Disabling plugin
    [INFO] [EpicZones] Disabling EpicZones v0.1.1
    [INFO] [EpicZones] version 0.1.1 is disabled.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Now I need to find where this is :'(
    Havent tested it myself, havent changed anything yet so this isn't a real shock XD
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    Best of luck to you good Sir!
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