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    Plugin category: Fun/General

    Suggested name: None really, I am horrible with coming up with names :p

    What I want: I would like a plugin that either utilizes unsafe enchantments or the new 1.4 item naming feature to recognize when a player has a certain item in their hand, and when they do, give them a certain number of mcMMO levels.

    I have tried creating this, but I am stuck on how to account for all the events that could change the player's item-in-hand. I know you can be constantly checking for it, but that would cause lag. (I am a bad programmer).

    Basically, I would like there to be a config file where I can specify either an item name (using the item naming feature in 1.4) or the unsafe enchantments on it (i.e. a sword with power II). I would also like to specify a certain amount of mcMMO levels in a skill the player will get when they wield this item. The config file would look something like this:

    ItemName: SuperSword
    Sword: 10

    This will give the player 10 mcMMO sword levels when they wield the item named supersword. The "ItemName" category can be replaced with "NameofUnsafeEnchantments" or something.

    The tricky part I have found in this, again, is accounting for each and every event that will change the player's item-in-hand to or from this special item. Somehow the plugin needs to be able to tell if the player is holding a special item specified in the config file, and then give them/take from them the correct amount of mcMMO levels.

    Ideas for commands:

    None really needed for this plugin as far as I can see

    Ideas for permissions:

    (name).use - Lets players use the plugin and gain mcMMO skills when they are holding the correct item

    When I'd like it by: I feel like this may take a while, but I really have no idea how quick you guys can do this stuff. As soon as possible would be great!

    Thanks for any help, having this plugin would be awesome! If you want to see my extremely crappy code I have so far, just ask.

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