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    Plugin category: Economy/Admin Tools/General

    Suggested name: Points - Or anything along those lines

    What I want: I know there have been plugins similar to this out there, but they are all either outdated or not really what I am looking for. Basically I would like a simple plugin that would allow admins to give users "points" which would be saved in a config file.

    The more difficult feature is making it so that players can purchase items using these points. I was thinking this could be done via commands, and that the items being sold (and their price) could be listed by an admin in a config file.

    *Optional* I am not sure how difficult this is, but I would really like a feature that would make it so the items specified in the config file could have unsafe enchantments on them, or higher enchantments than normal on them. For example: A player could buy a Sharpness VI diamond sword.

    Ideas for commands:

    /points help - displays a help menu with all commands.
    /points - will display the players points
    /points buy (item name/id) - will allow a user to purchase an item using their points
    /points give [player] [amount] - OPs only command
    /points remove [player] [amount] - OPs only command

    *These are just ideas for the commands, they do not have to be exactly like this

    Ideas for permissions:


    *Only ops should be able to use the last two commands listed, so no permissions needed

    When I'd like it by: As soon as it can be finished--I honestly have no idea how fast you guys can finish things like these, haha

    Thanks in advance for any help on this plugin--I have tried modifying outdated ones to make my own, but I simply don't have enough knowledge of Bukkit and Java to do it correctly.
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    Still looking for help!
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    Why not change the currency on the server to "Points" instead of $

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