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    Plugin category: [ADMIN]​
    Suggested name: FreedomBorder​

    About Me: I'm just a server owner who wants to get rid of the cumbersome war between exploring players and maintaining suitable build size so that servers can keep the community feel of building while avoiding excess distance between towns.​

    What I want: Essentially a fresh new look on how borders work, the concept works by allowing players to explore past the border but cannot build they can only break blocks .​

    The border would be made up of two radius's an inner and outer within the inner border players can build, within the outer border players cannot place blocks other than torch's (limited placement from allowed ID list ?) and not explore past its bounds but they can break blocks for mining and harvesting of resources.​

    This concept brings the best of both desires, moderated build space and maximum size of exploration of the world with out restricting players to a pre defined area until structures and towns and what not have expanded enough to want to expand the border.​
    (Of course it would need to be coded as optimized as possible)

    Ideas for commands:
    • /setborder "World" "inner radius" "outer radius "round/square"
    • /reborder "World" (Removes Border)
    Ideas for permissions:
    • Simple OP and 1 superperm for setting and removing border

    Willing to pay up to: PM me if interested :)

    When I'd like it by: By the time 1.1 Reco build is out or ASAP based on developer thoughts.
    Devs who might be interested in this: codename_B,bergerkiller, Brettflan
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    Maybe allowing the placement of dirt (as well as torches) to escape holes and built temporary shelters, block off lava etc would be a good shout too?
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    Yea that was the idea by no means No placement, but limited placement maybe config based with accepted ID's and such so servers can decide how much freedom out side the inner border ?, What are your thoughts overall about this concept ?

    Will update main post for limited placement.
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    I like it, it's clean and simple.
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    Has accepted to make this for me via PM once his finished with current request but if anyone else wants to help him out feel free.

    I slept on the idea for a night before posting it, I do think that we have never actually seen anything like it before, yet its such a simple concept that would suit a majority of servers border needs and would keep both the admins and players happy.

    The current border systems are fine but they lack "freedom" for the players so its constant battle between expanding the border or making it tighter for balance reasons. This concept seeks to end that struggle.
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    I'd be happy to help out, my and @V10later have worked well together in the past, I'll leave that for him to tell me yay or nay though.
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    @codename_B: Didn't see your wherer tagging me. You know I look up to you and as such love to work together, but the plugin is finished. :(

    BTW: I know you still get some money from me for something other you helped. Problem is I'm waiting for that money, too. The requester told he's very busy and as such can't test the trial version.
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    LOL, seriously don't worry about that.

    This is a simple enough project that it's a 1 man job but anytime you can just hit me up for help :)

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