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    Plugin category: WorldEdit

    Suggested name: Brush

    A bit about me: I am a hamachi server owner. Server name is RoyCraft. And I love MineCraft and Bukkit.

    What I want: I have looked for good WorldEdit plugins, with brush possibilities. I want to make a beautiful tree (house). But I can't find any really good plugins, most good one are outdated and not working correctly. I not really need a new plugin. If u can find something good, post them here please.

    Ideas for commands: Use your imagination.

    Ideas for permissions: None. I use OP-system.

    Willing to pay up to: $0 - I really appriciated if u post (or make) one. I can give u a 'like'.

    When I'd like it by: <= I do not really understand this sentence, but I think it means 'when would u like finish this plugin'; Don't worry, I will be patience.

    Similar plugin requests: Request: idk. Existing plugins: many

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Greetz Roy
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    Use voxelsniper it's a really advanced worldedit that uses brushes
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    Voxelsniper or WorldEdit..
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    Agreed on VoxelSniper.
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    I aggree. Voxelsniper is awesome, but thats the plugin i meant. I doesn't work correctly, maybe outdated?
    And, Is WorldEdit a great plugin for making trees ???

    Greetz Roy
    Thank U for postings, I'll 'like' you :D
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    Why does everyone LOVE world trees?

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    @OzoneBuu Tbh I think they are over rated.
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    Knight Hawk3

    Why code a new one? Voxel Sniper And World Edit.

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