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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by zwarmapapa, Feb 16, 2012.

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    How do you force a furnace to burn a fuel (coal/stick/etc)?

    I am making a plugin where you have a drill which only runs when it's furnace is burning, but the furnace has redstone dust in it, so you won't suddenly see your furnaces walking away, lol.

    If it is impossible to force a furnace to burn a fuel, can you atleast tell me how I can find out if an item is fuel or not? Or do I have to hardcode all burnable items for that?
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    Just use a lit furnace block with redstone in it
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    But I want the fuel to burn, but it won't burn, because there is nothing to melt in the furnace.
    How can I force the furnace to take a fuel and burn? (if there is any fuel in the furnace)
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    I'm not sure if its possible.
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    Don Redhorse

    take a look at the dwarfforge code... it hooks into nms directly... perhaps you find a way than... I have no idea though..
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    Thanks, will look into it. The rest of my plugin is done, only this part is left to do.

    It looks funny how the drills mine their way into mountains and fall off cliffs (I made them fall if there aren't hard/tough block underneath the drill).

    Hm.... it gives a client crash when I use that code, and then destroy the furnace.
    Here is the thread where I posted the bug/code/plugin:

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