Food Staffs + Drag Rods

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    Hi my Name is Minhkhai (Odd name LEL)

    I was wondering if you could give me a hand with my mine craft sever ;D

    i wanted to be different from other mine craft severs and add a plugin that would let players be able to instant eat there food from a "staff" or wooden stick that they would have to buy'

    The stick would heal 3food and have 100 uses

    Another plugin i would love would be a Drag Rod which would let players be able to hook onto mobs and players with a hook and pull them towards you or you to them. This plugin already exist but it would let players and mob be able to be hooked and pulled through walls which i dislike if you guys could please help me out i would be the happiest kid on earth

    Thankyou for your time reading this please help the 1st plugin is not very important as it seems hard to code thank you all for your time.

    link to drag rod -
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    I can make the first one, hopefully(I'm still a beginner :p) would you like a sign for the buy thing?
    also, laser posted this
    "Version 1.1.1 up now, Added check so player doesn't travel through walls"
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    drpk He PM'ed me to ask me to do the first plugin. About to finish it, just bug testing. Ill send you code if you would like
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    VG.Developments it's fine, but the one part I would like to see is how you incorporated the durability.

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