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Discussion in 'Resources' started by caseif, Aug 22, 2015.

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    After more than 4 months in development, I'd like to present to you Flint 1.0 "Alduin". Flint is a project of mine which serves as an all-in-one minigame engine designed to make development of games like Spleef, Capture the Flag, or really anything you can imagine easier.

    It works by handling certain systems found in every (or almost every) minigame ever created such as arena, round, and player management, thereby saving you time by allowing you to use common code for all minigames.

    Furthermore, Flint includes some other useful features such as a fully-featured rollback engine and a lobby system. The rollback engine will automatically roll back any block changes in an arena once it ends, and the lobby system provides an interactive way for players to interface with rounds.

    Something that should be noted is that while Flint is now in release and no longer subject to breaking changes, it's only the API for the engine. The Bukkit implementation (Steel) is *mostly* working, but is still somewhat unstable and should not be considered ready for use in production, as it may be bug-prone. Currently I plan to push it into release phase in early September, when I can be sure it's working 100% properly.

    You can find a WIP tutorial for getting started with the engine along with a few other useful links below.

    Tutorial (WIP)
    Source code
    Bukkit implementation (Steel) (WIP)
    Release 1.0 "Alduin"
    Maven repo (artifact: net.caseif.flint:flint:1.0)
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    @caseif, that skyrim reference though.

    This is awesome. I might end up using this, but be careful with your static use. You need to remember that there is the case that 2 plugins in the same server depend on it.
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    Haha yeah, I have a whole list of release names written up. Next is "Brynjolf". Also, I should have mentioned in the OP, but Flint is meant to run its own discrete plugin (similar to TagAPI), meaning it shouldn't have issues with that sort of thing.
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    wow cool
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    Let me help you with the list:
    'Whiterun Guard 1'
    'Whiterun Guard 2'
    'Whiterun Guard 3'
    'Whiterun Guard 4'
    'Whiterun Guard 5'
    'Whiterun Guard 6'
    So on...
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