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    Will bukkit be just as Flatfile friendly as hmod is?

    I could probably search the forums somewhere for this but would like a hasted answer so I can decide weather or not to donate.
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    Somehow I doubt they'd just throw away flatfile support. When talking about ease of use, you can't get much easier than flatfile. SQL is tidier, more secure, and more organized, yes, but flatfile is very user friendly. You don't have to learn a new language to use flatfile.
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    Right now the plans appear to be SQLite and MySQL, flatfile will not be used for the most part as far as I know.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I do hope they reconsider dropping flatfile support. I use flatfile because my server is small and I do not want to have to add MySQL.
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    SQLite is a flatfile typish format which will support your small server.
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    SQLite is technically flat file to a certain extent
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    The plan, as far as I was paying attention with that, is that there will be no flat-file support (beyond SQLite, which is a flat-file based database).
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    I think it's a wise choice to get rid of flat-file support and once and for all implement SQLite/MySQL support only.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I'm glad to hear SQLite is a flatfile like database. That makes me feel better.
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    i have no clue how to setup mysql or sqlite
    i hope that in the support forum a thread with a how-to will be pinned
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    Im thinking the same thing about not having flat file it scares me because i dont understand any thing else. so to acomadate that the Work it out for your self attitude needs to be dropped and more of a helping attitude adopted. to give server owners a good push in the right direction.

    personally i think your just creating more help topics by dropping it.
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    I don't know how to use any SQL yet either but, I am actually glad to hear that flat-files are (potentialy) being dropped. SQLite is as easy as some suggest than it should be no problem even novice users to learn how to use it and for me, it'll be a useful step to a full SQL which I've been putting off for a while.
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    Bukkit isn't even released yet and the developers are working on it quite a bit. I'm sure there will be more plugin author friendly information about all of this closer to release. Afaik flatfiles will not be supported and plugins will need to use SQLite or MySQL. Afaik the reason for this is because it will improve performance mainly, and many (not all) plugin authors have been incorrectly implementing flatfile in their plugins which causes performance issues and such things. I don't know, but I speculate that if the team does decide to allow for some kind of flatfile support it will be limited to plugin configuration files that will be read on loading of the plugin, though I believe they have chosen to go with YAML at this time for that as you can see in the sample plugin on github. YAML is great, it's fairly efficient at what it does, and will be supported for plugin configurations for certain. If you don't know YAML you should learn it. eaither check out the sample plugin or find some kind of documentation on google.
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    I don't understand the problem; mySQL is very easy to use. Just get WAMP Server. Windows Apache MySQL PHPmyAdmin all rolled into one extremely simple application. Do the passwords & stuff, create a new database and import the SQL files. Done. (sort of)
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    Herr Riz

    As a plugin developer and someone that's used flatfile on my own server, I'm OK with being forced to switch. Learning how to use and dev for it will be a bit of a pain, but it sounds like it will really be a boost to the way things work. And since we're forced, I won't have to make two sets of file writing methods in my plugin.
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    the main problem with flatfile is that every time you want to do something the entire file has to be loaded which to be honest for a few players is ok but once you start getting to 20+ players it starts to strain and at 30+ active players you just can't run an efficient server

    I sorta expected that tbh

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    I'd just wish they keep it to a certain extent...
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    How would you force plugin devs to use MySQL/SQLite and not flatfile? That'd require the blocking of core classes that deal with flatfiles. Can you even DO that? :confused:
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    You would be able to use flatfiles for your own plugin wouldn't you? The question here is whether bukkit will use flatfile or not isn't it?
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    Yeah but it sounded as if they were saying that the Bukkit team would force developers of plugins to use SQL rather than flatfile, which would be... hard to do.
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    At the very least it would be nice if there was an optional "official" PropertiesFile-esque flatfile class that could be used as standard but isn't a part of Bukkit itself. That way each plugin with optional flatfile support uses the same format and we don't end up with 500 different flatfile formats.

    But is it really that hard just to put a PropertiesFile-esque class into Bukkit's API? Really now.
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    I believe the confusion is that (I believe) hMod had a settings interface for dealing with flatfiles that got abused. Not sure because the moment I started my plugins I went straight into adding SQL into them (I <3 relational databases)
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    Hey guys do i understand it right that SQL light is the new flatfile format? Because i run a gamesserver without any MySQL support, so my only chance to keep running that machine is a mod without any db.

    Hope i can use bukkit

    Sorry for bad text - iPhone ...
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    im gay

    You act as if Bukkit earns money and isn't a pure community project so it must suck up to their "clients".

    This isn't the case. Go learn some SQL and don't be self-entitled. Moving away from flatfile is a good thing.
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    i really want to switch to MySQL/ SQLite, but I have no idea how, and frankly it sounds hard (I don't have a whole lot of time to work on my server, with school and all). So all I ask for is a step by step tutorial to be stickied.
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    excuse me all i was saying is that a lot of community members are unwilling to help out other server owners get started and said that that needs to change if you don't like my opinion go fuck your self. because idc what you think.

    for the record i can see that its a good thing and i don't mind the change. Just better supply some good help
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    Well,I guess its time to learn MySQL. Flatfile with plugins might have to switch to using MySQL too.
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    That kind of anger, self-entitlement and indifference is the kind we don't want here at Bukkit. There are many of us here who do help people who can't quite get started by themselves. You act as if no one here does that. Some of the more prominent members here just don't have time to because of changes that need to be made to Bukkit and to their plugins (most of us have plugins we need to port over and update regularly). In any case, though, we're not going to spoon-feed you everything you need to get a server running. There are many tutorials out there for setting up a server in general, then many more for the specifics you need for a Minecraft server (which should be obvious). In fact, I taught myself how to use MySQL, without anyone's help. And if you don't know where to look for stuff...

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    Actually plugins that use flatfile don't need to change to MySQL unless circumstances require it. You just can't configure Bukkit with flatfiles. That's all. If you really like flatfile, I'd suggest going to SQLite first.
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    Im not an idoit And i dont need spoon feeding most of the time (there have been times in the past) I just dont want to see a trillion help me set up topics

    And self entitled hey, w/e pretend your not code savvy and have not the first clue about mysql ect you would be looking for some good help yes.. Well asking for some kind of decent help is only fair after all we have been left with very little choice to change from hmod to this.

    And what makes you fking god thinking you can go around attacking other ppl because you dont like their opinioon.
    so yer you provoke u get some anger back.
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    I apologize if "self-entitled" is not what you are, it's just what your words make you seem. I don't think I'm God, and it's not your opinion I don't like (I agree that we should include some form of help for those who can't set up their server by themselves). It's your attitude that I have a problem with. Your attitude seems to me like that of a spoiled little brat who thinks he knows everything. It didn't start that way in your first post (it just seemed kind of ignorant to say that our community's attitude is a sort of "work it out for yourself we're not going to help you" attitude), but by your second and now third posts, that's what it's turned into. If I were not code savvy and hadn't a clue about MySQL, I'd probably do as suggested in the link I provided you and Google it. As I said in my previous post, there's plenty of help out there, you just need to type in an address (www.google.com), type in what you're looking for (how to set up a MySQL/SQLite/Minecraft server), and click a link.

    On a side note, I will not reply to any further posts you make to this, to prevent any form of flame war. That's not something I'd like to be involved with.
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