[FIX] Working on permissions.. 2.1?

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by DetKimble911, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Its been an intresting order of events with our favorite female plugin' writer. None the less, we need to pickup where she left off, since permissions is still widely used. I recommend you still use 2.0 as it does work (for the most part). As for 2.1, its mostly done, reload command seems to have gone amiss, and a few other things we're removed. Already know all of this? I plan to take permissions under my wing, with the help and support of everyone else. (Unless someone else already has..)​

    Current task?

    • I'm currently looking at where it looks like she tryed to add some sql database function.
    • Re-add the reload command.
    • Make compatable with plugins written before 2.1 - Thanks Drakia
    • Figure out why she isn't doing this anymore. :(
    Permissions op?

    Edit: Looks like when I cross refrence 2.0 to 2.1 she changed a lot of things around.
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    Recommendation: Make it backwards compatible with plugins designed for 2.0?
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    Would it be a good idea to merge the 2.0/2.1 feature set into the 3.0r1 code that Halo put out? (would take rewriting of course)
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    Shadow, do you have a link of some form?
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    Ah, my bad, got my plugins mixed up XD
    It was iConomy that got the 3.0r1 update... same original dev and similar current release (2.2) I think is why I got them scrambled
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    So, Essentials incorporated anjo caido's group manager. It already does what permission does, and in this moment is incorporating permissions 2.1.

    Group manager has exactly the same functionality, plus some extra things like a huge variety of commands to edit the files ingame. I really dont think Permissions itself should be continued.
    But thats my opinion only anyway, I just dont think we need 2 permission plugins running on the same time, while on a near future bukkit will have this built in.
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    Group Manager is a pain to use though... Permissions was simple and quick to setup :\
    between the two, I'd rather drop Group Manager and keep Permissions
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    I couldn't agree more, I'm just doing this for personal use.. and added it here, incase anyone was intreseted.
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    nice one DetKimble911 looking forward to download your updated version of permissions :D
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    Thanks for trying to get this off the ground! Make nijikokun proud! Permissions was first, and it will always be best.
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    official 2.1 is out...
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    Yes I support this Group Manager was an asshat to use when i did try it and I dont like how he tried to push Niji Out of making permissions.

    Just 1 question did you ask Niji If you could do this i think it would be nice just out of respecct.
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    @RustyDagger Niji specifically posted her code with the message for the community to take it back up in her stead. She's already given everyone the Ok to take over.
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    arrr ok i never did find the post just wonderd that was all. then i fully support this move lets give the big FU to the GroupManager guys and make this Plugin live upto its name Yer Go team .... HAAh
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    @DetKimble911 I was actually looking at adopting all of her plugins. The one thing I am noticing though is it looks like Permissions and iConomy were both in the middle of major rewrites and just sort of stop halfway through. Trying to decide if it's best to attempt to undo some of these changes to get 2.1 stable again and then begin moving forward with implementing SQL and moving away from a flatfile or just try and kludge together sql usage and attempt to figure out what was going on with the plugins.

    I agree though. None of these plugins should be abandoned as a really large part of the community still currently use them.
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    Thanks for taking Permissions up. As a user, I'm really uncomfortable with the Essentials approach and don't want to be forced to use it. You've probably heard this before, but I'm going to ask anyway: can someone write a robust configuration parser and get us away from YML format? The essential ideas behind Permissions are sound, they just needs a more conventional format that users won't trip over.
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    One thing that I am thinking would be a good move with Permissions is to make it automatically detect when the configuration file has been changed and reload it after each change.

    As for the YML format I think a better alternative would be a database that can be read/edited all from either within the game or a website. Would make it much more robust. All of the ideas are great though, but first I think someone needs to decipher the code that is out there and get it back to a stable level first.
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    Almost done, but since it isn't Permissions, any plugin would have to be re-written to use my method.
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    or write a Permissions wrapper like Group Manager did :)
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    Looks like that was what she was trying to do, I really want to get a release out. But, I wanna fix/add that. Just a lil' longer.
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    Sounds like your doing a good job, How much longer do you reckon until you release?
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    So it appears that Nijikokun is now back and has taken back over Permissions again? She really does need to make up her mind. Either she is gonna drama queen and leave and let others take over the plugin, or she isn't. I don't know if I should release my code fixes now or not.
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    Man, now thats irritating, I fixed the loading, made it work with sql, and added the cache system (no more /pr). I'll release if she dosn't stop bein' like this.
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