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    xpMod - everything experience.
    Version: v1.2
    Everything xp related. This plugin currently allows players to check their xp and level using the /xp command. Users with the permission 'xpmod.setxp' can use the /setxp command to set their own xp or that of another player. There is also an option in the config file to turn orb-drops on/off. This mod will grow to contain everything xp related.

    • '/xp' - Check your level and experience points.
    • '/setxp AMOUNT' - Set your experience points.
    • '/setxp PLAYER AMOUNT' - Set an online player's experience points.
    • 'xpmod.setxp' [default: op] - Player can use /setxp command.
    • 'xpmod.xp' [default: true] - Player can use /xp command.
    Download Now v1.2

    • Lots more experience options.
    Version 1.2
    • Release for recommended build #1185.
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed no-orb bug.
    • Added /setxp PLAYER AMOUNT.
    Version 1.0
    • Released.
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    Wouldn't mind working on this with you if you are interested. I'm working on a small XP plugin as well.
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    Sure, I'll PM you.
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    This looks really cool. I would use it if I had a server :)
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    I just submitted a plugin that allows you to modify the amount of XP dropped for each mob. If you ever put that feature in, PM me and I'll save you the effort of figuring out how to do it if you want.
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    Or maybe later on you could merge and rule the world?
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    you really think that fixed-width font makes it more readable? ;)
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    I just have a bit of a Courier New fetish tbh. Using it in my coursework in college ;)
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    You do realize though that this post is not for you or your fetish, but for people wanting to use your plugin, right?
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    Do you think that this font is less readable than say, Arial?
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    Didn't I already state that in my first comment?
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    I personally disagree. But, because you are a moderator I will give you the choice.. Which font would you prefer I use?
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    Your thread, your font.
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    a feature i would like to see.. a way to use exp for currency
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    i would like to see the levels shown on the players and a way to use them with iconomy? like when they reach lvl 5 they get 1000 currency money?
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    if i get a warning or ban for this fair enough but plague all i see is u bitching at ppl that are trying to follow the rules and do the right thing...
    why? is the question i ask you
    does a font really matter that much or are u just stirring the pot for reactions?
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    I'm here to do the bitching.
    Sure it does, it makes the post readable. And those posts are not here for your pleasure but for people that just want to use plugins and have no time to try to read badly written ones, a.k.a. USERS.
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    so i guess the font really does matter FYI i can read Courier New completely fine altho i do think it is quite an ugly font the OP should have his/her choice
    if its that much of an issue why not disable the font for the forum
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    because the forum is not primarily made for plugin submissions, jeez
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    It shouldn't really matter.

    And if you want a full plugin: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/37455/

    More like... Don't make a new one that does both. Please. :p
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    Can u make it iconomy plugin ?
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    This is a kind of weird thing:
    This plugin in 1.9 do not work as it should. When i type /setxp 2, my HP is set to 1/2 heart. If i try this when a little damaged I will die, but not loose my inventory :)
    Not reporting a bug of something, just saying :)
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    IT JUST F*CKING KILLS ME! what the hell
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    That is a fault of bukkit, the setexperience function does not work...
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    it kills me. godemm. why in a advanture map with a enchanted sword :(
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    it seems like this could a very successful plugin, but i think adding the ability to "store" your xp in blocks or somekind of "bank" that has some kind of optional tax like, -10% exp of what you selected to store or something

    That would be neat, also if you could add ability to BUY experience for like lots of money as-well ex. 1 lvl = 1,000 with prices going up on a logarithmic scale since it requires more exp to lvl up in higher levels

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    Can you make this compatible with something like iConomy to allow players to Purchase levels? I'm looking towards providing players on my server the opportunity to purchase experience (obviously at a hefty price) to make enchanting alittle more enjoyable. I would assuredly use this if you did.
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    1 thing i think is very important for some, if not most, people. Can u seperate the permission node for set amount and set player amount? cause i need this plugin but only if it can differ from being able to set ur own lvl as one permission and setting other peoples lvl as another permission. Pls pls pls do this! I am looking for one that has this ability as well and would accually work with my other plugins.
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    When can this plugin come out for 1.1-R1?
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    I have a request... Could you make it where a player could set his\her level and xp? somthing like (/setxp 13,12) for level 13 and 12 exp in that level?

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