Inactive [FIX/MECH]LavaForge 1.0.0 - Returns buckets when lava is used in a furnace [1.1-R6]

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    LavaForge - Returns buckets when lava is used in a furnace :
    Version: v1.0.0

    LavaForge is a very simple plugin that returns buckets when lava is used in a furnace. There's no magic chest to put next to the furnace, and no special commands to run. Simple put the lava bucket in the fuel slot. It will be emptied for fuel and an empty bucket will be replaced in the fuel slot to be picked up.

    Note: This is NOT compatible with any previous recommended builds. (860,8118, etc.)

    • Replaces buckets when lava is used in furnaces
    • Plain and simple.
    Download LavaForge (wget ready)
    Source Code

    Note: This plugin is very simple and therefore will almost certainly not break with new bukkit builds. If I'm a bit late updating to RB don't be discouraged from using it.

    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release.
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    Are there any plans of updating this to 1.1-R6?
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    When using this on R6, the bucket is destroyed
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    I've got the same problem.
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    Same. It would be nice if this was updated.
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    I posted an update to the plugin.yml to the github site that should fix the invalid.yml error for 1.2.4-R0.1 The jar he has on the github site isn't in zip format, not sure what it's in, and bukkit can't open it for reading. I put the updated plugin.yml and compiled the java file into a class file and put it all in a jar and it's working on my server now.

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