[FIX] IHateExp 1.0.0 - Removes exp orbs the right away [1337]

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    IHateExp - Removes exp orbs the right way:
    Version: v1.0.0

    Before CB1170, plugins had to iterate over world entities and remove exp orbs manually. This was inefficient and exp orbs had to be sent to the client and then deleted. Now, we have a better solution, shown in this plugin. IHateExp actually stops exp orbs from spawning in the first place by setting the exp to be dropped to 0 onEntityDeath. Thanks to this advancement, IHateExp is must faster and less buggy than other exp removal plugins. Enjoy!

    Get IHateExp:
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    View Source (GitHub)

    1.0.0 - initial release
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    zonedabone behind the plugin = good stuff/code.

    TY again, trying it right now.
    BTW: Still waiting for the MegaCatch release ;)
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    This works :)

    Plug and play - no config .. very nice :)
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    MegaCatch has a release that works. I really should make a separate thread so that people don't get confused though.

    Just for the record btw I haven't lost any interest in the plugin community. I've been spending a lot of time developing plugins for BattleCraft. (Join them NOW) Those have been taking up a lot of my time so I ahven't gotten much time to develop public plugins.

    Also, I hope people don't mind that the link isn't wget friendly. I switched to bit.ly because I really wanted a way to see what kind of usage my plugins had.
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    Does it only work with 1170 and up or pre 1170 also?
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    Just 1170 and up.
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    <3 Source
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    3 Lines of codes but genius?
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    Any plugins I release are open source. Code is useless unless others can use it. Just don't copy it and call it your own.
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    Nice plugin :D

    I know this is random, but could you create a plugin that blocks certain configurable commands for PermissionsBukkit? I don't think it would be to hard to make, but then again I know jack shit about coding Java.

    All I need is a plugin that hooks into permissionsBukkit and Blocks configurable specified commands for certain groups... (Some plugins I have don't have nodes, and I need to block those commands from guest use only. I want members to be able to use them still)
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    Yeah I suppose that's shorter than mine
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    Sounds like a cool and very simple idea. I'd probably use a yml syntax like this for each command:
        node: "op.lightning"
        default: "op"
    how does that sound?
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    Amazing :D Thanks for getting back to me. I just need the commands to be configurable, so I can go into [YourPlugin.yml], and I can type in my PermissionsBukkit groups. under any group, I can block any command from that group only...

    IF you make this I will donate like $5 just for loving you :D

    Sorry, just understood your post. That would be (parden my language) Fucking amazing. Turn commands into nodes? Oh my God. $10 donation to you sir (When its done)

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    I can't hook into permissionsbukkit groups as easily. What this would do is make a permission for each command. You can then give these permissions to your groups.

    Do you need support for subcommands? (e.g. /herp derp)

    I have a version of it made. It has a much easier syntax.
    commandname.sub.arguments.go.here: default
    The permission node will be the same as the beginning part. Notice that you can add subcommands, which are just like the parts of the command separated by a space. So for example if you have a command /money pay that you want to be ops only, but still want to allow everyone to use other commands, you can add this to your config:
    money.pay: op

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    Yeah, anyway I have a version of the command blocker but we're beta testing it now just to make sure everything works well. Also I'm procrastinating on making another plugin page...
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    Does this still work on the latest CB?
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    I'd assume so. There are no api changes.
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    would there be a way to disable the exp orbs. yet still give the client the exp? as enchanting with 1.0 needs it.
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    That could be posssible. I'll look into it.
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    I noticed that someone made a pastebin trying to give players exp when they made a kill without orbs. (http://pastebin.com/h1q8YJ0G) I congratulate you on a good try, but assure you that it won't work and that I'll work on this issue as soon as I get time.
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