Inactive [FIX/GEN/MISC] NightLight v1.1 - A light for the night [1.0.1-R1]

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  1. NightLight - A light for the night![1.0.1-R1]
    Version 1.1


    NightLight - A very simple yet useful plugin which allows players to see during the night. When enabled every block below the player will become glowstone.
    Permissions node : 'nightlight.use' . To toggle use:
    Not much more to say except leave me feedback, donate and enjoy :)!
    (Sync_Changelog=Testing Sync Updater)​
    v1.1 : Added permissions
    v1.0 : Initial Release
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    :< The description video is not there anymore
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    Installed this on a 1.1 MineCraft SMP server. It ran fine when no one was near me (though it needs to remove the glowstone when it's disabled), but completely locked down the server, kicking the 9 people online at the time and taking the server offline when I used it within view of someone else.
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    Why is it that every cool and usefull plugin is not up to date? Jesus christ!
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    Bear202 because bukkit isnt recommended yet. And developers dont like to piss around :)
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    To everyone who likes using this plugin- I have forked the repo over to my own. Im working off the basis of this code, trying to implement some of my own ideas. you can find the BukkitDev page Here
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    NightLight has a very slow player move handler. Please Fix
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