[FIX]DownCraft - Backup and downgrade Minecraft [WINDOWS]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Pyroking, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Before you read this thread and make your own thoughts. I will ensure you i have been very concerned of the rights of the files which is needed for changing the version of Minecraft. The Term of use is there for protecting the files, the company and ensure the quality of the files.

    I have wrote many many mails to Jep, Notch and more, for information on this, and if it's even legal to change the version, by changing the files for Minecraft. But no reply. Now, i have gotten impatient, and when seeing many other programs out there which does the exact thing. So finally i decided to post this. I ensure you, i have tried to program this as secure and right as possible to protect and do right, and not wrong.

    So here is the app:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    My website

    What is this?:
    DownCraft is a app which simply downgrade/upgrade your Minecraft to a desired version. Why you ask? let's say Jeb release a new version for Minecraft, and you want to test it! DownCraft is a easy way to do this, and when you want to return to normal, DownCraft does it very easy.

    [​IMG] Windows.
    [​IMG] Internet.
    [​IMG] Net Framework 4.
    [​IMG] Minecraft installed!

    [​IMG] Downloads the files - no need for big and messy app download.
    [​IMG] Easy interface. No need for copy/paste, program does everything for you.
    [​IMG] Change versions as you like.
    [​IMG] Backup system



    This software does not distributing working copies of the Minecraft! You need Minecraft installed for this software to work. ALSO This software is not final and is possibly still buggy.
    Already installed client-side modes will not work after using DownCraft.

    If any Term Of Use is broken i will remove this program! Please PM me if this is the case!

    Inspired by MCNostalgia and Minecraft Version Changer.
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    I am confused, I do not know why people would want to downgrade their game....
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    Sir Savary

    I'd love to run a 1.5 server. Those were the golden days...
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    I have updated the final look and functions to the program. The lists of versions will continue when released.
    Mostly the reason why i have updated Downcraft is to get programming experience, but also produce something useful. (If anyone even thinks, it's useful)
    One side note: please report bugs if encountered.
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    Sorry i have been busy with life, so i havn't had any time to update Downcraft. It's now updated, and sorry for not replying all the pm's. If you encounter any problem, please let me know. I'm NOT a pro programmer, i only do this for fun. :)
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    How is this a Bukkit tool?
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    Updated 1.3.2 added now.
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    Updated for 1.4.2 :)
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    Downcraft now support 1.4.4 [meat]
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    Once I sent a letter to my representation in congress asking if I could murder someone and they didn't reply.

    So I murdered someone.

    Let me make this clear for you. This isn't allowed. It download whole jar archives that are redistributed by you.

    MCNostalgia is allowed. It doesn't distribute whole jar archives, it downloads patches. Also they had permission from Mojang.

    It isn't.
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    As i said if my software is not allowed i will take it down! But as i understand it isnt illegal.

    You may ask how this is a bukkit tool. Well it isnt.
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    It isn't allowed.
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