Inactive [FIX] AfternoonNap v3.0 - Creating that realistic sleep expierence [1.2.5 R3.0]

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    Afternoon Nap V3.0​
    Hello me again! I've made another plugin by request of pom32 and that's just about it. This plugin allows your players to place a bed and sleep in them at anytime. or as pom put it; "Take a nap". Test it out and see if it's for you!​
    • Allows your players to take a nap in the afternoon or at night.
    • Fun yet functional way to simulate sleep.
    • Vault optionality.
    • 1 Command (So Far)
    • /checkbed - checks to see if the configured amount of players is in beds, then sets the time to the configured amount.
    • AN.commands.CheckBeds
    • Version 3.00
      • Must right click block instead of left click
      • Updated to 1.2.5 R3.0
      • Download Here.
    • Version 2.00
      • Made Vault optional.
      • Fixed some performance bug that was bothering me.
      • Added 2 new configuration features.
      • Download Here.
    • Version 1.00
      • Initial release of plugin by request here.
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    So can you add sleepy bar or something either with spout or with a command.It either slows you down or etc or make it configurable.
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    Well, define what you mean. This plugin allows the player to sleep at any point during the day. I do think I know what you mean just clarify.
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    so sorry I can't donate (don't have money)
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    Add a need for sleep like it slows you down or something,like why do we eat in minecraft?To regenerate health
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    get another plugin like realistic sleep for the need to sleep


    After testing the plugin here are my Suggestions for the plugin
    1 When a person gets into bed it should be announced and and stored in a file
    2 If there is at least one person in bed, it should auto checkbeds every few seconds( configurable )
    3 While in bed the player should should have the blindness potion effect to simulate closing of eyes
    4 disable normal bed behavior (still works at night causing problems)
    5 explain in config how to add potion effects when waking up from a nap/sleep
    6 player should be able to move his crosshairs/point of view so that he can right clicks the bed to get out
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    He is it possible that you can work with the dev of RealSleep he is making a more realistic sleep but he can't get the bed to read when a player is on but he added like effects if you don't sleep enough you get like nausea effect and slower walking until you go to sleep or someone does /sleep restore Name. SO i was wondering if you tow where to join together you two can create a really cool plugin! Thanks! The dev is called limdingwen he created real sleep for me and did a good job so i think if these two plugins become one it could be an awesome plugin!
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    Check this plugin :)

    I added short description about plugin. I hope it's all clear now :)
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    This is a great plugin thumbs up to you :) I only have one problem to report, when me and a friend slept in adjacent beds during the day, we couldn't press "leave bed" and when we pressed escape we left the bed where stuck in a 2x1 area unable to move or look around. I reloaded the server and that has fixed it, however on a big server that could cause big problems and isnt very user friendly.

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