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    Im looking for simpe plugin witch set first spawn place , i mean that when player join in game first time , he will spawn on unique place , not the different !
    I tried to HeroSpawn , but it dont work :(
    I apologize for any grammatical errors

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    I'll do this in a second^^
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    Do it please :)
    EDIT: Can you ?
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    Bump !
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    Done : <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    It's not yet able to let the users spawn out of the mainworld but I'll try to find a way to do this.

    Commands and permissions:
    /setfirstspawn : firstspawn.setspawn -> sets the worldspawn

    /spawn or /firstspawn : firstspawn.spawn -> teleports you to the worldspawn

    Hope I could help you^^
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