FinalBukkit: The ultimate Server-controlpanel!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by timtrucker, Jul 28, 2013.

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    After a half year the finalbukkit Alpha is finally finished! [​IMG]
    Do you find the server console broing? I do...
    Therefore, there is now "FinalBukkit". Now hosting server makes fun again!
    With FinalBukkit you get yourself a comprehensive and easy-structured control panel on your Desktop.

    But that is not enough: FinalBukkit allows you in less than 5 seconds to install plugins or change the Bukkitversion.
    In addition, we have built a world generator. This created worlds to your preferences in a few seconds.

    *** FinalBukkit: Server hosting made easy.

    (!! The Screens are in german but an english Language-File is already downloadable)

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    All functions:

    * A list of all Players sorted by names
    * Players can be kicked, banned and much more with one click!
    * A list of all Ops
    * A list of all banned Players
    * Many data about each will will be displayed (first visit, Tim-bann etc)
    * Use the searchbar and you can find a Player easy!
    * A strikesystem gives overview of warnigs about eatch Players

    * All installed Plugins in a sorted list.
    * Lots of Plugins are automatic installable in a few seconds
    * use the searchbar to find plugins.
    * You can delete plugins.

    * Use the World generator to easily create worlds
    * A list of existing worlds
    * Delete Worlds with one click.

    * You can start, stop, restart, reload and save the Server with one click.
    * An existing warninglist tells you, if there are any Errors or wanings in the server
    * Many statistics of the Server will be Displayed.
    * A Lot of Options
    * From a list of Bukkitversions you can install a Bukkitversion with one click.

    Note: FinalBukkit is in Alpha, so there a some bugs. More Information:!

    Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    More ínformation in our Forum (German) :
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    There are a number of concerns this tool brings up... I decompiled the FinalBukkit.exe and FinalBukkit.jar files and discovered the following things:
    • A VERY specific version of CraftBukkit is downloaded
    • It does not have a "Would you like to update" option - It simply downloads updates
    • The FinalBukkit.jar file is not downloaded from
    • The FinalBukkitUpdater.exe file downloads files regardless of update checking (EVERYTHING is downloaded again)
    • The use of a plugin is alarming, especially since it is downloaded from a non-bukkit site
    The reason why these points are alarming is because it opens up the risk of backdoors and such. With the automatic updaters downloading from various sites there is no way to ensure that maybe CraftBukkit won't be downloaded from a site other than or that the files downloaded do not contain backdoors/viruses.

    My other concern is that the GUI is still half German.

    Edit: Also, Mediafire sucks
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    Okay, so it's claimed as safe now, and I determined that when I decompiled it.

    My concern is the automatic updates. It is easy to hide a backdoor in something you never knew was updated.
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    timtrucker Why would you release a program with lots of bugs?
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    Chiller Its in the Alpha, but there are only small buggs in Performance. But the programm is already useable

    turt2live i'll think about a "Would you like to update" function

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    Err, UI = fugly.

    Make it look better, also don't release things in Alpha or Beta unless you have 1,000,000 people waiting for it. Release when its completley done. Also why would you even make this? There are tons of lightweight cpanels on websites that let you harness the same power.
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    @BerrutoBashr I make this because i have fun on programming and show my idea the world. Not to be the best programmer with the best tool!
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    can anyone else not update? it force closes on me
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    Turtlez81 Fixed. You have to download FinalBukkit again, because this bug was in the Updater
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