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    Heyo everyone,

    I'm in need of someone to add a feature to this plugin -- a "toggle" option (/<channel> <-toggle | -on | -off>) If on, all further chat messages will be sent to this channel. If off, then chat is sent normally.

    Information you should know:
    - License: Public Domain (yay!)
    - Author hasn't been on since July
    - I don't have the time (and skill?) to update
    - Could you please upload the source to GitHub?
    - If you tell me to read the [READ ME FIRST], search, format, contact the author, etc., I will attack you. Viciously.
    I'll bring my pet -_Husky_- and deadly hawkfalcon, my army general WarmakerT, my JOPH action figure, my Omniscent television, my ice fairy Cirno, my good chum kezz101, some TnT, and a bowl of Sushi.

    Thanks! :)
    (Sorry for my mad rambling -- I just had to tag a few of the first developers that came to mind)
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    Format. Kidding,

    I will look into this. See if I have time. :p
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    Thanks Husky. :)
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    Hoolean Retired Staff

    As another feature maybe have it so you can do /pmtoggle <player> ! It would make all messages you type send to them until you toggle it off.

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    Well this could be done with HeroChat... I prefer it out of all my chat channel plugins... Also perhaps we wait until SimpleChat comes out (if I can ever get some free time to work on it)...
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    The developer of that plugin has not posted the source code, so it's difficult to modify.
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    I have that, not even close to what this does.

    Nooo... This is simple and perfect. HeroChat is overkill. :3

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    Well, I don't believe in decompiling things, especially if they don't post the source code. If they don't post the source code, they generally don't want people to have the source code, and I think developers should respect the decisions of other developers.
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    I've decompiled a few times to see how they did 'x'... But anyways, this is Public Domain. If he didn't want that, he would've chosen a different license.
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    Quickly decompiled and confirmed my greatest fear -- I don't know how to add this. :confused:
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    That's why you don't decompile code. By now, you could have rewritten the plugin.
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    I couldn't have written that in five minutes. :3
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    Yes you could.
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    This Omnitv switched to "How to learn to plugins"

    No problem 98765, dont be lazay man. I know your capable of doing it, It says it in your name ;)
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    Y-y-you.... Forgot to a-a-add me... :'(
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    I had to exclude all of the names that I couldn't say something about (only get 10). ^_^
    You can't turn izak into a bowl of Sushi, can you? :p
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    How can i change my name to my minecraft name? But I can be your side kick

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