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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by coolguyman21, Feb 18, 2019.

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    Plugin Category: RPG/Fun
    Version: 1.13.2
    Suggested Name: Families and Mariage Plus

    Unfortunately, there isn't a great plugin out there for roleplaying a family on a server. There are a few plugins for marriage but I think it makes sense for these things to be part of the same plugin. Besides, The few marriage plugins that do exist either aren't updated to 1.13 or are overly complicated. The main idea is to group players together through two types of connections marriage and adoption. Any two players who are connected through marriage or adoption form a family. Families are used for organization and a shared home point.

    If a user is married they can't get adopted and if a user is adopted they can't get married.
    This needs to be true otherwise people could be part of multiple families making everything complicated.

    If /marry (username) is used on a player who is already married or adopted the plugin should issue the message '(username) is already part of another family'.
    The message sent to the player getting the request should be '(username) tried to marry you but you are in a family'.
    If marry username is used on a player who is offline the plugin should issue the message 'that player is offline'


    /marry (username) -sends a marriage request to a player who is online-
    /marry accept -accepts the last marriage request received-
    /adopt (username) -sends an adoption request to a player who is online-
    /adopt accept -accepts the last adoption request received-
    -If you aren't a part of a family issue message 'you are not a part of a family'
    -If you are married Line 1 says 'married to' (username) of the player you are married to and each following line lists a player you or your partner have adopted.
    -If you are adopted Line 1 says 'parents (username), (username)' first username is the player who adopted you the second username is their marriage partner. Each following line lists other players adopted by the player who adopted you. Then the players adopted by their marriage partner (siblings).
    /family sethome -sets a shared home between all members of the family (the two people married and all of the people they have adopted)-
    /family home -teleports you to the family home
    /divorce -splits up the marriage. Creating two families whoever your partner adopted stays with them. Whoever you adopted stays with you.
    /unadopt (username) -kicks an adopted player out of the family-

    Ideas for permissions:
    fmp.* -gives all fmp permssions-

    there will need to be a config file for the messages that will be issued.
    Additional thoughts: This plugin is quite complicated but it is much needed and would be useful on many servers. Some marriage plugins do have a /kiss command which floats hearts around the other player I think this would be a cool addition to a plugin like this but don't expect it because of the already difficult nature of the plugin.
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    Working on this now, should be done by tomorrow around this time. The bukkit plugin review takes usually about a day-ish but if it's needed urgently I can send you a dropbox link with a .jar file as soon as it's done.
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    Thanks for taking this up I'm sure it will be great. It isn't urgent so just let me know when the plugin is up.
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