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    Plugin category: misc

    Suggested name: fakeonline

    What I want: I want it so that when someone sees the server (on the minecraft multiplayer menu)
    it shows a fake amount of players (i.e. 3/10 instead of 1/10

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No perms needed.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever
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    Not possible with a plugin. Maybe a custom Bukkit build. Pay Ask codename_B
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    It is possible and there is a submitted pull request for it. Unfortunately the bukkit team don't want to implement it, which is a shame as it does have genuine uses.


    To be honest, it's completely ridiculous how the Bukkit team are treating this issue. It's an open-source project. Just because a method is in the API, doesn't mean we will misuse it. I don't think decisions such as this should be made for us.

    Forking the project to add 1 method seems stupid as well, and would require mirroring the JavaDocs, and repeatedly adding the method back in whenever Bukkit/CraftBukkit is updated.
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    There's a way you can do this in server properties. :S
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    you can i cant find it lol
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    You can set max-players to 0, which changes the player number to ???

    You can't fake the online player list.
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    You can, but it requires creating ACTUAL fake player objects, which is about as annoying to maintain as it sounds (breaks every minecraft release).

    The other way is simply an easy change in your MOTD;

    Awesome Server§99§100

    Will always show 99/100.
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    I've done it before via a custom CB build, just had to change a few things around with ServerListPingEvent. I also had to make a corresponding /who and /list plugin so that fake players show up there, and I added fake players to the tab list.
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    That's another way to do it, I find asking people to install a server mod for such a simple thing is a little silly though ;)
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    It's indeed silly, but it's a lot easier than creating fake players.
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    You'd be surprised actually, it's pretty easy. You don't even need to use reflection! Just create a wrapper instance of the right notchian classes and add them manually to the player array! Ping pong! Job done :)
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    Never knew about this. There would be nothing to stop you form doing this (tested + works):
    public void sla(ServerListPingEvent e)
    e.setMotd("Server!" ChatColor.COLOR_CHAR "32" ChatColor.COLOR_CHAR "32");
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    See, you can. hohoho
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    every post that i go on that people ask for plugins that look hard or are plugin that are really hard to figure out how to do everyone just says go ask codename_B
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    As I've said, the most effective way to do it is with a FakePlayer class.
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    Sorry, I'm an idiot :)
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    -_- All I have to say. Tricking players into your server is the worst way to keep players, and obviously never works.
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    This is true, however there are legitimate uses for it too.
    I use it for a placeholder transportation server that immediately moves players to a proxied server. This keeps the player count real (not 0).
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    And I use it for testing plugins without having to actually boot up an instance of Minecraft (client). It's great from a permissions dev point of view.
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    In which file did you do this?
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    Necro-post? This is also no longer possible in its current form. You'd need some \x00\x00 instead :)
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    I hate to bring this post back up, but is there still a way to do this? I run "the walls" servers and would like to display the count of all my servers together rather than each one individually. The color character obviously doesn't work anymore because MOTD's can be colored, and I'm not sure how I would implement \x00\x00.

    ... Maybe I should create a new topic.
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    You could always use a cheat client like Nodus and just run multiple clients and have them connect to the server.
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    I wouldn't do that... I want to display the number of real players that are on my servers.
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    I tried going into ServerListPingEvent and changing it so numPlayers is always 15, but it didn't do anything. Still shows 0 on the list. Which file is responsible for the number that shows up on the list?
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    I did this before. Quoting Warmaker however, this isn't the best method for keeping players. It is more annoying than helpful. I used protocolLib and modified the Server->Client packets regarding the server list. Not too hard.
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    Mind sharing how you modified PacketFEServerListPing?
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    Here's the problem: I've got a pretty good and simple hardcore server without a bunch of plugins and donations (actually no donations even requested), but it's new, so people see 0 online and don't go on it. This causes others to see 0 online and... you get the idea; it kills the server. The fact that it's hardcore also doesn't help it keep players, but you get an extra life for each person you kill. I want to make it show max(5, actual player count) at all times.

    I tried going on my highly private server and just sitting there AFW instead of seeing the 0 and avoiding it. Pretty soon, 6 people were playing, which is much more than average.
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    I'll try to find the code I used if you still want it.

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