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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by TedTheGamerYT, Sep 5, 2015.

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    Hello, thanks for clicking on this thread.
    I'll get right into it
    The plugin I'm looking for is a plugin that would be called FactionsExtras or something
    This plugin will basically just give a much better experience to faction players.
    Also, on my server, I'm using an old faction plugin because I don't like the new ones
    Ok, so here's what I'd like to be added:

    - /f owner (radius) (username) - Allowing faction leaders to add people to an owner claim without having to go to every single chunk.. Seriously, it's a bit tedious [F ADMINS ONLY]
    - /f unclaim (radius) - Unclaims a radius of chunks so you don't have to unclaim each chunk or unclaimall [F MODS AND F ADMINS]
    - A max buffer claim (In the Config) - Allows server owners to set a maximun chunk buffer claim on bases. I know you can set a max faction power, but allies or alt factions can still claim land. So basically, for example, if the server owner sets the max to 20 in the config, you can only claim 20 chunks in each direction (including diagonally), and then, there would be wilderness for 4 chunks in each direction, no one can claim there. Sorry if that was hard to understand... I get it if that wouldn't be possible.
    - STACKABLE BUCKETS! - I know there are plugins for stackable items, but I would like this to allow all players to stack water/lava buckets WITHOUT using a command. EX: When placing one water bucket ontop of another one in your inventory, it automatically stacks.

    No permissions needed;
    /f owner (radius) is given to all f admins
    /f unclaim (radius) is given to all f mods and admins
    No bypass permission for the chunk buffer claim
    Everyone is able to stack buckets by default

    maxBufferClaim: (number)

    If anyone could send me whatever factions version most servers are updating to, the one where you can hover over faction information, that would be cool... (The one that's fomatted like this - https://gyazo.com/204ca04c353b9adc4a1ea37defe37474 - I have no clue what version that is)
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    Like cosmic pvp's faction plugin?
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    I've never played cosmic pvp idk
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    About the claiming, there is an autoclaim and autounclaim, the way it works is you toggle it on, then move around and for each chunk you enter, you claim it and vice versa for the unclaim
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    Read it again that's not what I wanted. You shouldn't have to walk around in every single chunk in order to unclaim it
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    I'm not sure if I can do this because I am not sure if factions is open source it will be hard to find the class that claims chunks
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    alright thanks anyway
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    I wish to see this finished, is a good inprovement even if i dont use factions xD
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  10. "@ZP18"
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    Maybe, I'll give it a try
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