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    I've recently added Factions to my server ready to set-up with PermissionsEx but apparently I have no need to because people can create Factions regardless. Zero Perms. Just can. I can't seem to find the Factions config file to see if this could be altered. Help?
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    Do you use massivecrafts factions plugin? If yes:

    configuration file is located at /mstore/factions_mconf/instance.json (Altough I dont believe you need to use that)

    for permissions see: https://www.massivecraft.com/factions-configure under "Permissions"

    Note that i never used this plugin before and thus cannot ensure how useful these informations are.
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    I had that :confused: issue also setting up factions for the first time. A bit ...difficult?
    In the end to get it all fully working I had to manually add all the different
    permissions to each rank in group manager splitting up the below permissions
    in each rank. I dont know if that's the way it's supposed to be done :D but
    it works perfectly.

    - factions.join
    - factions.access
    - factions.home
    - factions.faction
    - factions.leave
    - factions.list
    - factions.map
    - factions.player
    - factions.name
    - factions.create
    - factions.disband
    - factions.description
    - factions.invite
    - factions.kick
    - factions.leader
    - factions.money
    - factions.motd
    - factions.officer
    - factions.open
    - factions.promote
    - factions.demote
    - factions.relation
    - factions.seechunk
    - factions.set.one
    - factions.sethome
    - factions.unsethome
    - factions.flag
    - factions.set


    You can find up to date versions of GroupManager and Essentials
    full suit just google search "EssentialsX" and "GroupManagerX"

    Both work with old cofigs \O/
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