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    Suggested name: NexusChest

    What I want: I am looking for a plugin that allows users to break blocks directly above chests inside someone else's faction territory. The reason I want this is because I don't have a locking plugin such as Lockette or LWC on my server, seeing as it is a raiding server. People just place blocks above their chests to lock it, and nobody can destroy it because they cannot destroy in other people's factions.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed.

    Ideas for permissions: nexus.canbreak (allows users to break blocks directly above chests)

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    Umm... Wouldn't a solution like allowing people to open blocked chests work as well?
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    I suppose.
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    No, it's possible.
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    Than they have to claim the land >.> or just go into the config and disable territory blocking(than your server would suck)
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    No, you can disable chest protection for any block. I just need a plugin for chests to be opened even if there is a block overtop of it.
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    Oh well I guess that makes it easier.
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    There's already a plugin that allows you to open blocked chests. I've seen it before. Do some searching.
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    Deathfromace Awesome, but how did you find this thread? Hasn't it been buried for awhile?
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    I did a search for the type of plugin I wanted and this came up but only after I requested it myself. Saw some guy said there was already a plugin so I looked through them all and that was not true so figured you would still need it.

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