Exciting announcements for both Minecraft and Skyrim!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by Dinnerbone, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. He said there not sure :)
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    This is something I would like to see addressed in whatever policy is ultimately adopted; it would seem that for theft the points should transfer.

    I'm sure it's in the plan somewhere, I'd just like to bring it up as a point to consider if it is not.
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    This. I'd like to see an answer to this as well.

    I like the idea of rewarding developers. But you really would need to get some stricter guidelines regarding things like this.
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    TNT blocker plugins? That's easy: people will choose to use the best one.
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    I think the issue of point assignments when stolen code is in play is the bigger issue to be addressed.
  6. I think @lukegb meant with multiple plugins doing the same thing that DIDNT copy code...
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    Oh, for we long to stability
    Love for predictability and constants
    to know, not to think

    But those are dreams, constants don't excist
    Bukkit is alive, and life == change and motion

    And the urge to contribute, to give, to share!
    Then ideas, inspiration and motivation
    scatter against the cliffs of code

    Other duties, other plans, the slopes of java are too steep for me
    Therefore, oncemore, Paypal shall smooth the wrinkles in my mind

    ~just blame some creative surplus @1:45 am
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    Sooooo WorldGuard?
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    Does this rewards programme only apply to people in the US?
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    Dinnerbone Bukkit Team Member

    Not at all.
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    Is it retroactive? Does only the maintainer get the reward points, or all those listed as authors? Aside from that, sounds interesting.
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    At first glance this new system looks awesome...then I started fearing the worse. I am very afraid this move will cause developers to start close sourcing their plugins to stop thieves from making quick profit.

    Can we please get a quick summary on any measures to prevent this? Surely it will be better than "people will choose the best one"
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    if two people work on the same plugin, will only the person who posted it gain the revenue, or will all participants?​
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    I believe this is handled under the page 'Edit Reward Splits', this is visible to the project owner and this allows them to choose who gets how much of a percentage of whatever the project has been awarded.

    Edit Rewards Split Page Image
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    I already have cool swag ;)
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    Pathogen David

    This is awesome news. One of the main reasons I haven't been able to keep up with development on my mod as much was because of not really having a reason to seeing I don't run a Minecraft server much anymore, so it is hard to justify the time spent.
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    I am not a lawyer, so don't take this as legal advice.

    License your source code with a license you are comfortable with, send DMCA infringers, and sue for damages in small claims. Since there is money involved now, not only are there punitive damages you can claim, you can claim compensatory damages as well. Curse is a US company and has to comply with US copyright laws, which have the most strict copyright laws in the world right now.
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    Uhm, well couldn't you just code some bad ass multiplayer hack and get rich off it?

    I'm in.
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