Event won't fire after first one

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by FreeMotion45, Nov 5, 2015.

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    To be honest, it's not surprising given the code he's shown us so far.
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    You are right.

    So, just for some examples, this nice "if pyramid' can be done by using the &&-s :
    if (i > 0
         && j > 0) {
    And this can be done by instead of using "onefuel, twofuel, threefuel", just create an arraylist (or a simple array), and iterate trough it.
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    BTW, He doesn't need all those arrays, all he needs is a HashMap (that stores arrays).
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    Lets focus on this part of you quote :

    "this nice "if pyramid' can be done by using the &&"

    You know, I know some Java, it took me time to study, but I did. You thought I haven't tried that ?


    About the problem.
    I did some testing and I have achieved this :

    If I am putting the first event before the second, then its vice-versa the second inventory works, but the first doesn't.

    Putting them vice-versa again, and the first inventory works but the second doesn't.
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    I already told you about this. It's because you use "return" a lot. That's why only the first "block" is the only one that is read.
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    Its not because of the returns, I have already checked it.
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    Alright, then can you post your updated code? Can you post at what point the code gets up to before it stops working?
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    Now I have made up all the returns again, since they are not the problem.

    Maybe I shall just make another little plugin so it will implement this listener for this event ?
    Or just do it in another class maybe ?
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    Don't make classes/other plugins that are not needed. Useless waste of memory.

    At this point, can you post your updated code so I can try to fix it?
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    The code after I removed all of the return; or the one I have right now ?
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    Your current version. Most likely the one with the returns.
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