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    Will bukkit now enforce the eula?
    or make sure bukkit plugins will follow the new rules for minecraft servers?
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    Bukkit has no say in how server owners comply to the EULA. What one server uses as a pay perk others would use as an everyone perk thus rendering it impossible to enforce even if they did.

    To be honest, I haven't heard of one server that has had any actual issues with the EULA, so I doubt Mojang/Microsoft are/will be enforcing it.
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    I would handle it the same way as any other license violation, if Mojang requests for something to be taken down that they felt violates part of their EULA, it would be taken down. The only thing I enforce out of the box is that you may not charge for a plugin (no premium) as anything else can be considered a very grey area. The only people that can rightly police their EULA are Mojang and their legal team, though I would rightly enforce what they asked of me on this site if they so put it toward us.
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    thank you for the reply's/answers
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    Developers don't need to agree to the EULA to make plugins. It is up to the server owners to make sure that they themselves are following it.
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