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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by WickedShroom, Oct 2, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 1.8x

    Suggested name: ETokens & EGems

    What I want:

    - EnchantGems (emeralds: when you right click it opens a hopper inventory gui and you can select the tool in your inventory and it will apply the enchantment applied on it)
    - Tokens (the currency used to buy the enchants you get 1 everytime youy break a block)
    - Enchants
    - Efficiency(....)
    - Unbreaking(...)
    - Fortune(...)
    - Explosive(spawns a explosion and destroys blocks in the areo of the explosion)
    - Haste(gives you the haste potion effect)
    - Speed(gives you the speed potion effect)
    - Jump(Gives the jumpboost potion effect)
    - See(gives the Night Vision potion effect)
    - Omnitool (You can break anyblock it will change to any tool needed)
    - AutoSell(It auto sells every 5 seconds a certian amount of blocks in your inventy based on the level of the enchantmet)
    - Circles(It will cause a small explotion the beaks a sphere sized hole in the mine makes it lager based on level of the enchant)
    - Excavation(breaks a 3x3 size brick out of the mine Gets lager based on the level)
    - Jackhammer(has a small % chance of removing a entire level of your mine, % and depth increases based on level)
    - Lazer(small % chance dig a line straight through the entire mine, % and width increases based on)
    - Engared(small % chance of throwing rpg explosives on click, % and amount increases based on level)
    - Explosives
    - Grenade(small tnt sized explotion)
    - Sheperd(double the size of the grenade)
    - RPG(double the size of the sheperd)
    - CarpetBomb(drops a carpet of rpg explosives across the entire mine)
    - atomic bomb(10x the size of 1 rpg)
    - N.U.K.E. (5x the size of the atomic bomb)
    - TSAR BOMBA(3x the size of the N.U.K.E.)
    - Super Nova(rip mine, empties the entire mine)
    - Backpacks
    - They can go up to 2,147,483,647x the size of a inventory
    - TokenShop
    - Open a 9 slot gui with the choices to purchase backpacks, enchants, and explosives onece you select the ... thing your purchasing it ill open a 27 slot gui with the choices of item/enchants you can purchase.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /pt(main command)
    - /tokens(veiw amount of tokens)
    - /pt admin(admin command)
    - /pt help(list all commands you have access to)
    - /gem give <player> <level: 1-5>(give a gem with a random enchant and the level of the enchant i need this command for lucky blocks ;))
    - /tokenshop(opens the token shop gui)

    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: 10/10/2016


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    Where is the enchantment? On the emerald? How did it get there?

    For any block you break? Even snow/leaves which can be extremely fast? Wouldnt harder blocks to mine gain more?

    A delayed explosion like Tnt or instant? how do the enchants Explosive, Circles, Excavation and Engared differ from each other?

    What exactly is a "mine"? You talk about a farm world, an enclosed area, something special from another plugin?

    Will it stay as the new tool after mining the block or does it switch back? Did you mind different tools have different durability which will mess it up? Or do you mean they get switched with another tool if it is in the inventory, and if so, does it need to have the enchantment as well?

    Sell for what, currency, tokens, bananas? Which blocks can be sold? Where come the prices from? And if you dont want that some items be sold?

    This is going to lag your server hard.

    This could maybe crash your server.

    This will crash your server in all probability. Imagine multiple players throwing stuff like this.

    Wtf? Please explain.

    If you have a main command like /pt, the other commands should be sub-commands like /pt tokens, /pt gem etc. What should /pt admin be?

    Thats ridiculous.

    Over all, your request is very bad explained. And you expect somebody to put many hours of effort in this?
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    i dont need this plugin anymore i already have a dev making it
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    Which dev? Did @ZP18 accept this? Haven't had a chance to ask him yet...

    @Lordloss I'm pretty sure it auto sells for bananas. It's the only logical thing to do. :p
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    the dev that said he will do it for me say he ant do because he dosent know how to do enchants

    sorry for not explaning very well read the quote above i answered all ur questions

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    bwfcwalshy Retired Staff

    @WickedShroom Talking like that no one will do this, I know I for sure won't. Coming across rude and not respectful is not a good way to get developers to spend their free unpaid time to help you.
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    sorry my english is very bad im sorry if i seem rude
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    What exactly was it he said that was rude? It seems to me like he was helpful and explained the questions...

    Also @WickedShroom I hate to your burst your bubble but I'm not even sure if the explosions would be possible/plausible to do in an asynchronous manner. And btw async != lag free.
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    like im try to say liike we dont need to use explotions just remove the blocks and place them in your inv like super pickaxe on essentials
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