Eternal Anvils

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    Plugin Category: Misc

    Suggested name: Eternal Anvils

    What I want: I would like a plugin that lets me (the admin) select certain anvils to make them last ETERNALLY! ( son no damaged anvils I would like for it ti open a a screen that allows you to choose if it is eternal or not.

    Ideas for commands: /anvil select: allows you to right click any anvil.

    Ideas for permissions: one for ops to use that^

    When I want it:The sooner the better!:D
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    Jade Retired Staff

    An actual screen would require the use of Spout & SpoutPlugin. If you mean a popup saying something like "This Anvil is no longer eternal!" that's completely possible.
    How about you go with
    Because just a misc one they could just give you'
    Seems like no fun.
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    ? I dont know permissions yet so I am a fail in that category. but when I say screen i mean like a screen similar to crafting tables or furnaces when you right click it. but this one could be a command or something. I dont care how it works I just want to be able to make it ETERNAL so it I dont have to get others to replace it.
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    /me has an idea
    Craft an anvil with gunpowder to increase durability :3
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Wouldn't this require Spout? (Custom Blocks) or a client mod?
    You're gonna need them, get them down, fast. Crafting Tables and Furnace-like interfaces are not an option without Spout or client & server mod, due to the fact that the client would not have the images to display it, and I believe that would cause a NPE (NullPointerException)
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    Wat. Gunpowder from creeepers?
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Yeah, to craft it, wouldn't that require a custom block in order to get longer lasting properties?
    Anvil + Gunpower = Custom block? I'm pretty sure it's not a recipe as is. Regardless, I don't believe the GUI is possible without Spout or Client/Server mod.
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    I think that the OP just wanted to define existing anvils as eternal. This shouldn't be too difficult:

    When the player executes the command, get the block they're looking at (check if it's an anvil), then save its coordinates. When any anvil is right-clicked, check the coords -- If it matches an entry, replace it with a full durability anvil.

    I'm not sure if he would entertain the idea of craftable eternal anvils, as it seems like he only wants operators to define them (no point in a separate crafting recipe). If he does want the idea, the dev may need to use some UnsafeEnchantments or NBT tags(?).
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