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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Exus, Jan 16, 2018.

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    Plugin category: Mechanics

    Minecraft version: 1.10.2

    Suggested name: EssWarpsAddon

    What I want: I figure this plugin is quite simple to make. I need essentials warps to have this add-on. I want to be able to have if a player goes to the specific warp for the first time, they will be teleported to a different location.

    For instance, one warp goes to a specific world, and the first time they go there they get teleported to a tutorial for that world aka the first time location that I set for that warp.

    Ideas for commands: Idea: /setwarpfirst <warpname>
    Wherever the user is standing it will create the first-time-teleport location for that warp.

    Ideas for permissions: essentials.setwarp (standard essentials perm for setting warps)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP. This is a significant function in the server.
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    I will do this
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    Plugin Page:

    EDIT: Now on Plugin Page - Plugin Informations (open)

    - Create/Delete "FirstWarpPoints"
    - If a User teleports to a warp he will be first teleported to the Firstwarp If one exists
    - Saves Warps and Userdata in Files

    /warp <WarpName> | General Warping - essentials.warp
    /warpFirst <WarpName> | Warping directly to a FirstWarp - essWarpsAddon.warp - essentialsWarpsAddon.warp
    /setWarpFirst | Create a FirstWarp - essentials.setwarp - essWarpsAddon.setwarp - essentialsWarpsAddon.setwarp
    /delWarpFirst | Delete a FirstWarp - essentials.delwarp - essWarpsAddon.delwarp - essentialsWarpsAddon.delwarp
    /WarpFirsts - /WarpFirstList | List all FirstWarps - essentialsWarpsAddon.list - essWarpsAddon.list
    /essentialsWarpsAddon - /essWarpsAddon | Credit to me

    Known Problems/Issues:
    - WarpFirsts work even if there is no Essentials Warp set with the same Name.. Just dont let it happen ^^

    EDIT: Forgot to delete the Debug Messages ^^ Fixed now!
    EDIT2: Loading and resaving Warp-Data made Problems.. Fixed!
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