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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by eSnapchat, Apr 1, 2017.

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    I have many concerns and questions about the Essentials plugin and others.
    Essential Questions:
    How do I display groups/ranks in tab?
    How do I allow pvp in certain areas?
    How do I adjust were members don't have to be op to use these following commands.
    etc (Edit if I need to post more)
    How do I not allow default members to use kit in spawn?
    Other plugin questions:
    What plugin do you recommend using for compass to teleport to different servers (Skywars, Creative)
    How do I set groups like owner with PEX Or essentials?
    How can I limit players ability to get more than 1 plot with (PlotSquared Plugin)
    Everytime a player joins they don't go to the spawn I want them to, how do I set it where all players go.
    IS their a plugin for announcements in different worlds? Ex:
    Also do you recommend any plugin that has staff ranks and displays in tab
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @eSnapchat pvp: worldguard
    Allowing commands: permissions plugin like PEX (google the required permissions)
    Different servers: You using bungeecord?
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    I use Bukkit.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @eSnapchat Then you can't move between servers.
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    So what do you prefer?
    Spigot, Bukkit,Bungeecord
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @eSnapchat Bungeecord is not supported on here.
    I personally stick with CraftBukkit
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    For ranks in tab: Use EssentialsX and find the line saying something like "change-displayname: " I blieve this will automatically be set to false, just change to true and it should change your tabs. However, remember the character limit on tabs, which is 16.

    To allow PvP in certain areas: Use WorldGuard. Make sure your world pvp is set to 'true'. Select areas with WorldEdit, and create a region using "/rg define <name>" to block PvP in that area type "/rg flag <name> pvp deny".

    To allow commands without OP: Use either PermissionsEx or GroupManger. You have to set a defualt group whcih will automatically put new players in a group, and add permissions to that group. I'm not sure how to set this for GroupManager; but for PEX you have; "/pex set default group <group> true" to set your default group. To add your permissions; "/pex group <group> add <permission>". So for nick you will have "/pex group <group> add essentials.nick". I'm not sure what hub plugin you're using, so I don't know your node for that. Go onto the plugins website and look at its permissions.

    For blocking the use of a kit in spawn: Use WorldGuard once again. Create the region around spawn; and then type "/rg flag <name> blocked-cmds <list of blocked cmds>". So to block a kit you would do: "/rg flag <name> blocked-cmds kit <kitname>" to add more commands to the list, put a comma between commands. By doing this though, all players that aren't opped will not be able to use the kit in spawn. Not just default members.

    Teleporting Between Worlds: Bungeecord, I guess. You will need multiple servers to do this though. Multiverse will allow you to create different worlds on one server, and you can get a plugin that opens a GUI and runs commands through that. (Such as a hub plugin).

    For setting up groups with PermissionsEx: Use this guide. This is a basic forums on Pex commands and how to do its main commands. Such as creative groups, adding permissions, and setting prefixes.

    More than one plot: Once again, permissions. For PlotSquared your permissions is; plots.plot.<amount>. So by doing "/pex group <group> add plots.plot.<amount>" will get you multiple plots.

    Spawn on Spawn: Most likey your hub plugin will handle this.

    Announcements: I haven't done anything with this, and just did a quick Google search; but this might be what you're looking for.

    Staff ranks in tab: Once again. PermissionsEx for Staff ranks. Essentials for Displaying them.
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