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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Lildirt, May 6, 2011.

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    I'm not to sure if this belongs here, and I'm sorry if it doesnt.

    Hi all! I'm Lildirt.
    I am running my Creative style server and ran into a problem..!
    I want to use [Free] signs to give people stuff and NOT let them use /i, /item, nor /give.
    Is it possible to obtain colored wool, or logs, saplings, dyes, etc. that have a damage value?
    I know I can spawn it for them (VIA /i 35:14 for redwool, in example.), but I want to be able to leave myself completely relaxed when playing (Haha, seems impossible). Does anyone have any advice or know how to do this? Or is it not made into essentials? Perhaps if it is not in essentials, is there a plugin that does this (spawns items with a damage value with a sign?). I've played around with the signs and sadly havent seen any success.

    Thanks in advance,
    Lildirt ;)
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    Most items have actual names that Essentials recognizes. For example, if you put 'yellowcloth' on the second line of your [Free] sign, it will be filled with Yellow cloth. If you go into your Essentials folder, there should be an items.csv and an items.db file. I'm not sure which one Essentials uses for signs, but you can check either of those files and see what Essentials will recognize as valid item names.
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    Oh! Thank you so very much! I was trying 'redwool' and stuff like that, never tried cloth.. Heh.
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    look in items.csv file in essentials for item names u can use.
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