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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Grimmy777, Sep 25, 2011.

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    I am trying to make it so that my VIPs can log in even when the server is full but I do not want to add another plugin on. Has anyone got essentials.joinfullserver node for essentials to work in 1.8? I am trying it but no one can log when the server is full other then me(im guessing because I have all permissions and op)

    I am using permissionsBukkit and using essentials.joinfullserver: true
    to enable the permission but like I said, it only works for me. =/
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    Same question here. :(
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    The developers tell me it can not be done.
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    Anything can be done. Whoever told you that is a troll or a n00b.

    I have people who have paid up to $50 for VIP access so I kinda want a fix... I need someone to confirm whether it's a problem on my end or if what @Grimmy777 says is true. I found this:
    but it's dated all the way back to 1.7 era...
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    I feel you man. Let me rephrase what I told you. It does work but not with bukkit-perms. PermissionsBukkit i guess does not detect permissions until you are already logged in and so it can not allow you to exceed the server player cap. It does work if you use group manager(verified) but I do not feel like changing my whole permission system to get that one feature. I recommend just using the VIP plugin instead and having it use permissions to detect vip levels. That is what I have done and it works great. Being that I don't actually have a max player cap on my server anyways, I am not really worried about the essentials feature anymore.

    All that info came from the actual developers of bukkit. I was told this by the two main guys for it so noob doesn't exactly fit the bill.
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    essentials.joinfullserver dont works :(
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