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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kekybra, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Hello, i downloaded Essentials Chat only and is now running on my server but it doesn't make a folder in my plugins map and i want that folder because i want to have my text that i type be in a color <- and that also doesn't work. i hope someone knows why that is happening to me.
    i don't know if it is because i am on a macbook.

    already thnx.:)
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    Hello, Kekybra.

    In order for essentials to install the config file, you must install the essentials core .jar file. You can remove it later and I believe chat will still work and you will have the essentials configuration file where you can edit chat format.

    Hope this helps!
    - Shreaders1
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    hello, Schreaders1

    I am new with al this stuff, if i could ask what do you mean with essentails core. is is it just: <----
    and than just install it all an should it work then?


    Al my plugins:
    ( just put the essentials in the bottom in, but still doesn't work)

    is it maybe because i have the essentialsX

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    In order for essentials to properly create a configuration file, you have to install essentials.jar. When you download essentails it will come with multiple jars (essentials, essentialschat, essentialsspawn, geoip, xmpp, etc...) the one you must install for the configuration file to be generated is essentials.jar. I would recommend maybe installing them all, and then removing all but essentials chat once your configuration file has been generated.

    That version of essentials is for 1.8. What version is your server on? Also, what plugins do you currently have installed? You mentioned essentialsx, but that link was to an outdated version of essentails. If you are using 1.11+ I recommend using essentialsx as I use it on all of my servers and it's proven to be quite reliable.

    The installation process should be fairly straight forward, you would just install the jars the same way you did with essentialschat. Except when you restart your server, essentials.jar will generate the configuration file for you in your server folders.

    Does this help clarify things at all? I may still be misunderstanding what you're asking.

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