Problem/Bug Error: That kit is improperly defined. Contact an adminstrator.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Karex_, Jul 16, 2017 at 1:39 PM.

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    Im making a kit for my crates on my server and when im doing the kit it works fine but when im doing the kit it says "Error: That kit is improperly defined. Contact an adminstrator."

    Here is my console: Error.PNG
    Here is my config.yml:
  2. @Karex_ try setting a durability of 0
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    Dude here's my example
    *Just IDName
    *Tripwire: 131 ID
    *So ez to edit
    delay: 3600
    - 267 1 sharpness:3 unbreaking:2 knockback:2 fireaspect:1 name:&7[&cWarrior&7]
    - 257 1 efficiency:3 unbreaking:2 fortune:1 name:&7[&cWarrior&7]
    - 306 1 protection:3 unbreaking:2 name:&7[&cWarriorHelm&7]
    - 307 1 protection:3 unbreaking:2 name:&7[&cWarriorArmor&7]
    - 308 1 protection:3 unbreaking:2 name:&7[&cWarriorTrixter&7]
    - 309 1 protection:3 unbreaking:2 name:&7[&cWarriorBoots&7]
    - 297 16 name:&7[&cBread&7]

    I Recommend for you

    Get ChestCommand Plugin then put a command there if u want players get free crate keys or player buy crate key using points or balances (Note: chestcommand has no duration command yet )
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