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    Can anyone suggest the most effective method for blocking the use of the enderchest in a creative map?

    I run a SMP survival server, which has a creative map for people to mess around in. Inventories are separated as to not ruin the survival server. Need to block placement of the enderchest on the creative world, unsure of the most effective way to do so.
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    i use the backlist in worldguard to block the placement and use :p
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    I definitely wouldn't trust worldguard to block it. I had stuff blocked by worldguard before and certain people could use it at times. I would recommend using something like multiverse inventories.(I presume you using something like this to change their inventory between worlds anyway) The newest version has support for splitting Ender Chests between worlds. But beware it will wipe players current Ender Chest.
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    I use a plugin called CreativeControl. I just give my players perms to bypass all the checks but enderchest (Ofc you have to config it to only effect your creative world.
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    The WorldInventories plugin supports per-world Ender Chests as of the 1.3.1 version. :)
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