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Make servers be able to spawn Ender Crystals?

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    I would like to be able to spawn Ender Crystals, like you find in the End but be able to put them anywhere I feel like using their entity spawner item "383:200". (Item 383 with damage 200.)

    How possible would it be to make a server plugin to spawn the ender crystal that heals dragons using that egg to spawn the item? Then consume the egg in the process.
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    There is a plugin that spawns ender crystals I think its called ender crystalizer
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    The plugin appears to be out off date. It's for 1.1-R6. Doesn't stop me from saying that it uses commands, rather than the entity item that people rarely know about. What if I want to sell the egg to players so they can spawn their own ender crystal? :p
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    oh wow. I did some experimenting with this before, but I never knew about the spawn egg for it O_O
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    There's probably other spawn eggs that spawn other stuff too. :p Have fun typping /give name 383 1 #, 255 times. xD

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