Filled End Crystal Damage

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by llamamonium11, Mar 26, 2023.

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    Plugin Version: 1.19.4
    Plugin Name: CrystalDamage
    Plugin Description: Upon Explosion of a End Crystal a Players Shield gets damaged. With a configurable percentage from 0% to 100% . 0% will do no Shield damage, 100% will instantly break the players shield, 50% leave the Shield at half the Durability etc.
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    Don't Real

    Do you want something like this?

    The Value is defined in the File 'CrystalDamage.yml' saved. (if you change the value in the File you must reload, so that the value is used)

    /crystaldamage query (to se the current value of the damage to the shield)
    /crystaldamage set [0-100] (to set the value in percent, so you use an intager between 0 and 100)

    The commands can be only be used by the Players how are OP.
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    Don't Real

    okay, i tested it like 15 times an everything worked just fine, it may be because it's written in Kotlin. That's why I did it again in Java, maybe it works that way. I even tested it with different Javaversions (19.0.2,, on the server.

    Maybe this will work now if it is written in java.

    i rewrote some parts with newer methods, so i think it should work now. (the link always to the newest version) (the linkt to the spacific version)

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