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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by maxben34, Nov 6, 2013.

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    I was testing the ability to send the end game credits to a player with the animation lib. I came across an impossible sounding idea, but it may be possible based on how the credit packet is sent....
    Is there anyway that the message inside the end credits can be changed? (Can somebody make an API to do this?) I doubt it, but I guess it's worth asking :3.
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    I honestly do not think it's possible, the file for the credits is located in your minecraft folder ;)
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    That's what I was thinking... I just thought it would be awesome if it could happen xD.
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    maxben34 man, yea it'd be awesome! I'm following this thread, some devs blow my mind. :p
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    My goal as a plugin developer is to create things never seen or thought to be done before in minecraft, so in my mind, it's really about seeing how far we can stretch certain minecraft features within our code.
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    That'd actually be a cool feature. If Mojang included the end credits with the server when a client connected....imagine.....
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    You can currently send end credits to a player... were halfway there... hopefully the plugin api will have stuff like this :3... that is if no genius can figure out how to get this working with what we have xD.
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    Maybe force a texture pack on the player, that is the same, just with a different end credits file?
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    I don't believe you can force texture packs.
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    You can kick players if they deny it.
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    Say goodbye to the playerbase I don't have yet.
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    Lol. But thats working with what we have......
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    Yea :3. Maybe somebody has a better idea. I think that customizability should be a normality and a simple thing to implement for many features within plugins in the future.
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    I think removing the credits it's kind of unfair to the original developers of the game..
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    Can't you just teleport the player to the end novel the end portal?

    Also I've done it with packets before, it's really not all that innovative/difficult.

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    It seems the server just sets the boolean viewingCredits to true and then sends them a Player70Bed packet - and changing the credits file wouldn't be (intentionally) possible with the mod api :oops:
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    No brainer
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    Doesn't look like you can, and I don't even think you can change it in a language/resource pack, but I'm not positive. On the other hand, TIL that (at least in the 1.7 protocol) you can send the client the demo screen.
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    I have tested with this before, but the only way to do it is to modify the file of credits itself, and there is currently no way to do that.
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