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    I'm looking for a plugin that acts like the SPC mod's /enchant command that allows me to enchant higher than the normal limit such as "Unbreaking X" so if you could help by showing me or making me a plugin like this i'd be really greatful
  2. Essentials can already do this.
    just change a config option
    unsafe-enchants: false -> true
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    Where is that option? because im not seeing it in the latest essentials config?
  4. MajikalBlood
    unsafe-enchantments: false
    change this into true
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    I looked for that in our config, I'm not seeing it and I've updated our Essentials plugin just recently
  6. I made a plugin that allows you to enchant any item up as high as minecraft allows. If I remember correctly essentials only allows you to enchant items with durability and only up to level 127. You can check it out here;
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    if you code a plugin, you can just use .addUnsafeEnchantment ;)

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