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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Bobcat00, Dec 27, 2014.

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    It would be nice if these forums would pop-up the beginning of a thread's text like every other Xenforo site I've used.
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  6. This is default XenForo, which means it was turned off. I never recall this feature so it must have been someone like Seph or Luke.
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    Do you need me to ask someone else how to turn it on?
  8. @Bobcat00 If Curse do decide to turn it back on, I am sure they will know how to do it.
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    It was never turned on for this forum. At least not that I ever saw. Anyway, here is what someone told me:

    "I found the properties at Style Properties, Overlays and Tooltips, Preview Tooltip. There is no checkbox to enable or disable but there is solely CSS values I can edit. I am running Xenforo 1.4.2 with the UI.X style.

    "Also, maybe the website disabled all overlays. If they want to enable them, they go to Style Properties, Overlays and Tooltips and check the Enable Overlays box. Hope this helped!"
  10. @Bobcat00 Hmm, so it seems someone just deleted the JQuery and Css of it. I guess to reenable/fix it you would need to re download XenForo and get the classes and put them back in.
  11. @bwfcwalshy I don't think that's what happened, since Curse have said all along that they're against making too many template modifications. Why would they say that then go out of their way to delete the rollover feature?
  12. @AdamQpzm It may not have been Curse, it may have been Seph or Luke. No one knows who did it, and if you are trying to say no one deleted it then my question is, who did?
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    *queue scary music

    I think we should wait for a Curse staff to say something about this suggestion.
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    My suspicion is that since the forums aren't running Audentio's update of Flexile (you'd be able to tell since the ul.visitorTabs would've moved next to the ul.publicTabs and the layout would be responsive), Curse have updated the style themselves and never added in this feature (since it's from a later XF version and this version of the style never supported it).
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