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Does this sound useful/fun at all?

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    I would really like to see a way to turn snow and rain on and off. so i'm not really sure if this is a request of the bukkit team or a developer. either way though it would be really cool o have that sort of option
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    This is for the Bukkit team, there probally aren't any hooks for this yet.
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    It's can be fun... For seasons !
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    Pretty sure you would also need to install a client mod for this.
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    O now that is an interesting bit of information. can you explain to me why that would be so? did notch remove the code for it or something like that?
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    I haven't even heard of rain or snow in minecraft, besides the obvious snow regions, but that's not like how you're describing it.. it definitely sounds like it'd be necessary for a client mod.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Seems vaguely workable based on my pitiful knowledge of plugin development. It would seem like you'd need to have a chance every MC day for several chunks to either A- change all grass to mud, for rain; or B- cover external surfaces in snow.

    There would be no graphics effects, but still.
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    unfortunately the only thing i really wanted was the graphics effects since those are still included in the client as images. i didn't really care about mud snow would be nice though.
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    Yeah, pretty sure he removed or replaced the code for snow & rain when he added biomes to the game. There is a mod that re-enables them, but it's for singleplayer afaik
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    darn it. well thanks for the info you guys. at least i know why it doesn't work anymore.

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