Filled Electric Staff (Hexxit)

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  1. Plugin category: Movement / Flying

    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: Electric Staff

    What I want: I want an item, for example a blaze rod, which you can right click and it lets you fly... just like the electric staff in hexxit. No costum crafting or stuff. Just a command which gives the item, preferable with a costum item tag so I can create a costum texture for it :)

    Here an example video: Minute 4:02

    Ideas for commands: /electricstaff

    Ideas for permissions: Normal users shouldn't get the item, only the admin with command.

    I know there is a plugin with that electric stuff but its outdated and doesnt work in 1.16.x :(

    Thanks! <3
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    So you just want an item that lets you fly when you click it, can you answer these questions please:

    What do you want the display name to be:

    Do you want the item to have any lore:

    Since you went offline and I likely won't have any time tomorrow I made your plugin by adding my own lore and name, try it out and if you want something added or changed please reply, otherwise mark this as filled.

    Link to download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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  3. Yes just a simple "right click" to fly :D

    "What do you want the display name to be: "Electric Staff"

    "Do you want the item to have any lore:" no lore needed, but you can make a config where I could change it if you want <3

    Sadly a Mod deleted the download button so I cant test it.
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    I just logged on to collect my minions in skyblock lol, I will make the changes you want and re-upload it later tomorrow, have a nice day.
  5. Thanks! :) An extra sound (when I rightclick to fly) would be nice aswell, for example the minecraft firework sound without the explosion (is this possible?)
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    I think it is, I can work on this in like a couple hours (I got online school rn) and I'll upload it to spigot this time so the mods don't remove the link.
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    Hey I just finished coding your plugin, I added the sound you wanted and made it not affect vanilla recipies.
    I also added a config were you can change the name and lore of the plugin.
    The plugin can be found on spigot:

    Edit, I just checked the wiki and it says that the staff launches you forward, it doesnt make you fly, I could do this if you dont want just regular flight. If you are happy with the plugin as it is then mark the thread as filled.
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  8. Yes sorry I was not clear. I want that it will make you move forward. And another thing I forgot to mention, I hope it's not too hard: Can you remove the message when using the item + can you add item durability, so 1 right-click makes 1 damage to the item? :)
    [Item doesn't have to be a blaze rod, it can be whatever. I will change the texture later anyway, so maybe just use a carrot on a stick.]
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