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  1. Ok cool. Is everything working now Frog with the R3 release (b1846jnks)?

    I have seen the problem you describe with just the piston base being present and no extension. I think v1.3 should resolve it. However it will only fix new dungeons. Any old ones you have you might either have to fix by hand (sorry) or maybe there is a way to use worldedit to fix things more globally (I think there was a post about this here or the catacombs BukkitDev thread).

    If it's a massive problem I could probably add some code to spot and fix the problem doors at start up.

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    Yes, great thanks, apologies for the confusion. :)
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    I wanted to take a moment to say this mod is hands down one of the most thoughtful and well designed plug-ins that i've used. really really strong work on this! and now to my wish list!

    Itd be nice if there was a way to suggest double size rooms or triple height. just some variety.

    Also, i'd love to be able to design some modular rooms for this, save them as schematics, and then have catacombs incorporate them into the planning stage. Just rooms, and let the plug-in decide where to put the doors and chests. you'd have people putting together worldedit schematic packs for catacombs!
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    Your plugin looks awesome and I installed hoping to have it on my server. The only problem I am receiving is that I do not have the permissions to to the all the commands: /cat, /cat plan, etc. I gave myself the node catacombs.admin in my permissions(permissionsex) and I am an Admin, but for some reson it will not work. Please tell me what is wrong
  5. Ok folks for anyone still suffering with secret doors that only open one block wide there is a fix in v1.4 (not released yet) that will go around all the problem dungeons at start up and fix any bad doors.

    I use Permissions v3.1.6, currently that's the only one I've tested with and support. Read back through some of the older comments I think I remember someone posting a solution to a similar sounding problem.

    edit - see page12 of this thread

    Unfortunately because the whole plugin is set up around a 2D map and the fact that the room height
    is an attribute of each level (rather than each room) it's not trivial to add rooms of different heights at this
    stage. :-(

    I have wondered about allowing admins to design their own custom rooms and add them to a config file. This would be relatively easy to add if the rooms were drawn using the symbols Catacombs uses. Worldedit schematics wouldn't be that easy because the mapping code doesn't understand them. The main reason I've not added this cool option is that there are a lot of unwritten rules about what you can do and what you shouldn't do when drawing these custom rooms and I fear the feature might be a big support burden.

    The current custom rooms are defined like this (these lists would be relatively easy to add to a config file).

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    Great plugin except for the 1x1 secret door problem. I've turned off secret doors to work around this issue. Other than that this is hands down the best dungeon plugin ever.

    Hmm, even setting secret doors to false doesn't seem to stop 1x1 doors blocking dungeon progress. Odd that the problem only occurs for some people. I'm running it on my test server at the moment which is completely vanilla except for the catacombs plugin. I'll try a bukkit update. Maybe there's a problem there.

    Edit 2:
    Seems like it might be an issue with 1.1R1 of bukkit. I updated to 1.1R3 and the problem seems to have gone away. Fingers crossed.
  7. It can be tricky to get everything working because Catacombs relies on Bukkit, and Bukkit relies on Minecraft. Version 1.4 has a patch in it to go around and fix up all the 1x1 messed up secret doors, so hopefully things will be better after that fix. Glad to hear things are looking a bit better.

    Look back on page 12 of this thread for some tips from other users on how to get around problems that sound a little similar to this. Sorry I've not used permissionsex and Catacombs has never been tested with it.

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    It's looking like problem solved. The 1.1R3 update did the trick. Since then I haven't so much as seen a glitched secret door. I think I'll install it on my main server now. If I can pull myself away from having fun in the catacombs on the test server. lol

    Please excuse my double post.

    I really need to know if anyone here has got this plugin working with the Essentials - Group Manager plugin. No matter what I do, I can't disallow permissions for Catacombs commands. I only want ops to have access to any of the Catacombs commands yet no matter what commands I place in the permission nodes, all players have access to all commands. Other permissions still work correctly, so I'm thinking that maybe Catacombs doesn't like Group Manager...

    Okay, so I had this big post about how Catacombs wasn't working with Group Manager (Essentials ) Permissions, but then in a last ditch effort I thought I'd look up Group Manager and PremissionEx, and in doing so found the source of the problem and its solution; EssentialsGroupBridge. :cool:

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    feature request! I'd love to be able to define a region in worldguard and have catacombs look at the region on fill it with a dungeon.

    I'd like to be able to put a sewer system below our starter town that's plagued by monsters. catacombs would let me reset and repopulate the dungeon every 2 or 3 days. cool.

    also, there's a styles parameter, is that feature in yet? i can't find anything on it.
  10. It might be possible to make sewer systems my changing the chances of corridors and rooms in the config file. There would only be one entry/exit and the corridors wouldn't form loops.

    Yes '/cat style' is implemented, see the release notes for v0.6

    [edit] Also see the instruction page on DevBukkit
  11. Release v1.4
    • Added extra code to fix any broken secret doors at start up.
    • Fixed a bug with the MobsOnlySpawnUnderground option (however mobs will still spawn in forests and cave mouthes so be warned).
    • Added code to allow small amounts (fractions) if cash to be given for monster kills
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    Wow, came to post about 1.3, and I see 32 minutes ago you released 1.4

    So happy about the auto reset feature that you included into 1.3, its been working almost perfectly. Let me clarify. The catacombs have all been reseting themselves with no problem. However, most of the rooms are still lit up with phantom torches, from the last party who went through. I'm not sure if a double reset would fix this, as people keep racing through the mostly well lit catacombs to claim the goods in the chests. Partially eaten and fully eaten cake seems to never get reset.

    Other than that I've had no issues at all with 1.3 working as I expected.

    Wish list item: Having an option for chosen catacombs to recreate the catacomb keeping its current configuration, so that they cannot be mapped out and learned by the players. Not all though, only the ones you set a flag for. Many of the larger ones, would drag my server to a halt temporarily while it recreated itself, so these I would leave alone, but smaller 1 level and 2 level catacombs, it would be nice to see them change.

    Smallest catacomb made so far: 10x10 and 2 levels deep. Surprisingly the hardest dungeon as there are 2 zombie pig spawners in a row, with no doors, you can expect 6 to 9 of them everytime you go down the ladder. My server is set to hard mode, and I've made all the monsters almost doubly strong thanks to Heroes.

    Largest catacomb made so far: 120x120 and 6 levels deep. With the money and chests, people usually walk out being very rich. ;) Excellent party dungeon.

    Thank you so much for making this plugin.
  13. I think this is a bukkit/Minecraft bug, I'll see if there is a work around or if I can force light levels to update.

    Another dungeon on the same site is tricky, which is why I haven't done it yet. I understand it's important, it's on the to-do list.

    Cool. :)
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    I just want to chime and and state that this is the mod I have always been hoping for! Absolutely spectacular!

    I have started playing with creating super huge dungeons and took these config settings that Steeleyes recommended at the beginning of this forum:

    DoubleWidthPct: 100
    room: 4
    Width3Pct: 100
    Width2Pct: 0
    Max: 15
    Min: 6
    Max: 20
    Min: 8
    CorridorPct: 20
    RadiusMax: 100
    I have also set the air as a natural block and the underfill and overfill parameters so I can create super tall dungeons starting up in the sky.

    Does anyone else have any cool config.yml settings that they can recommend that can make giant dungeons that large parties of players can explore?


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    I'm really interested in how your settings turn out Kris, especially with the 'grand' style setting.

    I'm running bukkit R4 and catacombs 1.4. My players are reporting that they can't open any chests or kill monsters inside the catacomb, but an older catacomb in the same worldguard region works correctly. Is there any parameter or flag I could have accidentally thrown that would cause this? or is there a bug somewhere in something?


    Steeleyes also, is there a way to flag the catacomb to override worldguard? I want to put catacombs inside protected regions but allow people to actually place torches and reset the run.

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  16. It would probably be possible to override worldguard and allow torches to be placed even when worldguard had tried to cancel the events. So far I've made a practice of not un-canceling events that other plugins have cancelled so that things fail safe.
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    worldguard is such a big plug-in now that trying to get an answer from anyone involved either gets ignored or RTFM newb flamed. But i haven't been able to find a flag built in to their system to allow torches only. This is from the user/admin perspective, I don't know anything about the code part of the possibilities.

    If you can write that in to catacombs as an option that would be great. Also might be neat to allow the planting of ladders and rope too. since MC is supposed to have climbable vines/ropes in the next version you'd be ahead of the curve!

    As a general style idea that might allow you to also have a puzzle style catacomb option, or at least a ruins style. So that adventurers need to bring wood, ladders, and rope with them to cross lava or pits of mobs or to descend to the next level.
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    This is my first time modding my SMP server. I have a plan but need some advice on how to implement it properly.

    The plan is to create a little adventure for my 6 year old to play through:

    1)She and I explore around our house, she finds a small dungeon
    2)We explore the dungeon, get to the last chest, and she gets 2 rewards: a spell scroll or book from the Magic Spells mod and a wand or stick that will teleport her to another, much larger, Catacombs dungeon

    I am able to create the two dungeons and configure what needs configuring thanks to your tutorials. What I do not know how to do is:

    a)Can I add a Magic Spells mod item (scroll or book) to a specific chest with a 100% chance to spawn?

    The config file for loot uses the item names, e.g.: c
    Big: - End of dungeon chests
    EquipPct: 100 - Diamond equipment
    - diamond:100:1-3
    - golden_apple:30:1

    Can I add items to the list? if I add a

    - spell_book:100:1-2

    Will that end-chest always contain 1 or 2 spell books?

    b)Is it possible to permanently bind a command to an item (so that she has a stick that will teleport her to the new dungeon, even if we log out for the day)? I realize this is not a Catacombs specific question - my apologies if this is not the right place.

    And a third questions about the coin reward when killing monsters: does your mod use or include an economy mod? Are the coins used for anything? Can I use these coins with the Magic Spells' "Magic "Shop"? I believe the author there mentioned Vault as the economy mod used.

    Thanks for any tips and for your work on this mod.
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    I think what you can do is suspend the catacomb, go down to the chests and put in them exactly what you want. you can also remove any spawners that are a little too hard for your 6 year old. btw, I've found that my 6 year old has real trouble when monsters come out, she's not quite dexterous enough to move around and attack in a controlled manner. You'll probably need something to lower the damage of the monsters.

    I don't know the magic shop plug in but if it uses vault then it will work with catacombs. You have to install iConomy 6, which allows the 3 or 4 mods in question to talk together, then install Vault which I believe controls the storage and vendor aspect of the money. It should work.

    Most of the commands for all of these are console commands. So when you kill a monsters in the catacomb it tells you how much coin your receive for the kill, but in order to see how much you actually have total you have to do a /vault type command (i don't know it off hand). Its a pain for adults and probably close to impossible for a 6 year old. so for the store aspect of your idea you'd probably have to be hovering a lot.

    I don't know of any way to bind a teleport to an item. =(
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    I would prefer to get to explore the dungeon for the first time with my kid. I think I saw the author say somewhere that chest loots can be configured, I just need to know the syntax and if mod-added items can be done.

    For the teleport thing maybe there is a teleport mod that will do it. It does not have to be an item inside her inventory. There are a million of teleport mods, it's a bit overwhelming. Something that allows you to teleport to a location by building a structure would work. Runecraft I think does that but it seems way too complex for my current skills with modding.

    Thanks for the reply though.
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    I use MyWorlds for teleporting. its very very simple. you put a sign one block under a portal, put about 3 words on the sign and then make sure you've built an exit portal somewhere and they link right up. You could build an exit portal in town and then build the other end as you go deeper.
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    Runecraft does the same I think, kinda. I'll try MyWorlds and see if it's easier.

    Can anyone explain what the lines

    EquipPct: 100 - Diamond equipment


    - diamond:100:1-3

    do exactly?

    -What is the "-" sign for? is that to comment out a line?
    -What is "EquipPct"?

    The linked tutorial is not clear, or I don't understand it.

    I found this in the changelog:

    So WOOOOHOOO! Now I just need to figure out if mods that add items will add an entry to the bukkit's "Material" thing. And what the name of thei tems exactly are. Getting closer!

  23. Yes that's the correct way to add 1 or 2 things that will definitely be in the end chest. The spacing is critical so get it right in the config file. You can only add items that bukkit understands using the names on this list
    "book" I think is the closest you'll come to spell_book.

    You'd need to write/find a mod to do this. My advice is open up the '/cat goto <dungeon>' command so she can get their easily, or use the /back command (from essentails I think).
    Catacombs includes (inside it) a plugin called 'register' which supports most of the major economy systems (iCo4, iCo5, iCo6, MCUR, EE17, BOSE6 and BOSE7 - I forget their full names) in the game. So install a well maintained economy system and you can then put the coins to good use.

    Happy hunting.

    The spaces and dash symbol are an important part of the syntax for a config.yml file. If you get them wrong the file can't be read. The dash means it's part of a list of things. You can add any items that bukkit understands to the list (I think you can also use the item code number if you don't know the name).

    The big/medium and small chests all have a chance of one piece of equipment (armour, weapon or a tool) made from different materials (leather, iron, gold, diamond). The big chests get diamond equipment if you get lucky. This equipment is controlled by 'EquipPct'.

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    Very well, thanks!

    I realized that MagicSpells does not actually add any item to the game - it uses existing item (regular books, paper, wod sticks) and binds the spell commands to them. So the item / chest reward question is moot.
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    Are there any other permission plugins that you support yet, like permissionsEX?
  26. No not yet. It sounds like other people are using a permissions bridge plugin to get things working with other permissions.
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    Do you know what the permission bridge is called?
  28. I think you only have to look back on e page to find it. :)

    Released v1.5 The "let them eat cake" release.
    • Cake is now restored on dungeon reset.
    • Better support for other permissions plugins
    • Different blocks now configurable for floors and ceilings.
    • Player death options now work without AdvancedCombat too
    • Torches can now be placed in worldguarded dungeons.
    • Grass no longer spreads across dirt floors.

    I added support for all the major permissions plugins in this latest release, so hopefully now you won't have to mess with a bridge.

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    YAY!! thax a ton for the torches man!

    edit: link still goes to 1.4 :confused:
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    I use the plug in as op and it says "You don't have permission for /cat plan" i don't know how to use permissions not sure if it is essentials can somebody help me.

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