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    Toolbox for faster and easier building

    Version: 0.7.1 [1.1-R4]
    Version 0.5+ Includes a huge contribution from @Relick Thanks!


    Over at BukkitDev => link


    Buildr is a collection of useful tools to make building/creating stuff easier and faster. The key features of Buildr are the two buildmodes and the structure builders.
    The Globalbuildmode offers Worldbased enhancements to building, while the Userbuildmode gives a single player some handy tools. While the modes are disabled you can play minecraft without any effect.
    Buildr comes with a detailed configuration file so you can modify its behavior to fit to your needs.

    Video showing some of the structure builder and the tree feller

    Global build mode:
    While a world is in the Globalbuildmode, it won't get dark and the weather won't change - so you can build without beeing interruped because you have to change the weather or set the time to see your creation again. Also blocks won't drop items in this world so the floor isn't flooded with useless items.

    • no nighttime -> alway sun
    • no storm/thunder
    • no itemdrops
    User build mode:
    While a user is in buildmode blocks will break (almost) instantly if the player uses a Pickaxe (any of them), the inventory won't get flooded by useless items (pickups disabled), players won't get damaged, blocks are unlimited (stacksize is always 64). Last but not least cutting down trees is quite a pain, but while in buildmode players can fell a tree with just one click of an axe. You can Lock or Unlock the buildmode for a world or generally lock/unlock it, just have a closer look at the config/permissions.

    • Second inventory while in Buildmode
    • Instant Block Break
    • Godmode
    • Unlimited Items
    • No itempickups
    • Treecutter removes trees instant
    Basic Structure builders:
    You can build walls, floors/ceilings,cuboids,spheres,half spheres, cylinders easily with the build-commands of Buildr. Just type the command (see below) and click 2 blocks and Buildr creates these structures for you. The 3-Dimensional structures can be build hollow and all structures have a replace function. You can use wool as material with every structure builder. Just use wool:color as material in the command. And just like the Treecutter you can undo every action you perform with those builders with the /undo or /bu command.
    • /wall builder
    create Walls (or floors/ceilings) easily with just 2 clicks and this command usage: after you typed in the command you have to rightclick on the two blocks between the wall should be build while holding a stick. the line described by the 2 blocks must be parallel to at least one axis
    • /wallx builder
    allows you to create walls that aren't parallel to one of the axis
    • /cuboid builder
    allows you to create Cuboids (Great tool to begin your house with if you set it to hollow).
    • /sphere builder
    allows you to create a sphere. They can be solid or hollow.
    • /halfsphere builder
    allows you to create a half sphere. Can be solid or hollow.
    • /cylinder builder
    allows you to create a cylinder. They can be solid or hollow.

    Example for the replace-function:
    /cubeoid wool:red r1
    this command will replace all stone blocks in the selected area with red wool
    /wall 2 r3
    this command will replace all dirt blocks in the selected area with grass

    Other features:
    /wool command
    gives you a stack of wool in the specified color

    /top command
    Ports the user to the highest Block at its current position

    /airfloor command
    this command allows you to place one block or even a floor direct above yourself. usage: /airfloor

    /gv command
    gives items directly to a player or yourself.
    "/gv 4" would give yourself a stack of 64 Cobbleston
    "/gv stone 20" would give yourself a stack of 20 Stone
    "/gv noob 20 40" would give noob a stack of 40 Glass

    /gvx command
    gives you a stack of items with the specified datavalue
    /gvx 17:1 gives you redwood log

    /clearinv command
    wipes the inventory

    /location command
    gives the location of the block beneath the player

    /port command
    ports the player to the block he is currently facing.

    /undo command
    allows the user to undo his latest actions performed with the treecutter, airfloor tool and all builders (wall, cuboid, sphere etc.)

    All commands have short aliases for faster access. See below:

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        description: Toggles the Global Buildmode for the world you're in
        aliases: [gb,gbm]
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>
        description: Toggles the User Buildmode
        aliases: [ub,bm]
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>
        description: Unlocks/Locks the activation of the buildmode in the world you're in. Kicks all users out of buildmode on lock. Only has a Effect if BUILDMODE_BUILDMODE_REQUIRE_ALLOW is true
        aliases: [ab,abm,allowbm]
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>
        description: Starts the wall building function
        aliases: [wl]
        usage: |
              /<command> <material #> {rReplace}
        description: Starts the wallx building function
        aliases: [wlx]
        usage: |
              /<command> <material #> {rReplace}
        description: Starts the cuboid building function
        aliases: [cube,cu]
        usage: |
              /<command> <material #>  {rReplace} {h|hollow}
        description: Starts the sphere building function
        aliases: [ball,sp]
        usage: |
              /<command> <material #>  {rReplace} {h|hollow}
        description: Starts the half sphere building function
        aliases: [hball,hsp,hsphere]
        usage: |
              /<command> <material #>  {rReplace} {h|hollow}
        description: Starts the cylinder building function
        aliases: [cyl,tube]
        usage: |
              /<command> <material #>  {rReplace} {h|hollow}
        description: places a block (area) of material x y blocks above the player
        aliases: [af,airf]
        usage: |
              /<command> <material #> <height #>
              Example: /<command> 4 20 3
        description: gives a Stack of wool in the specified color to the player
        usage: |
              /<command> <color>
              Example: /<command> black
        description: ports the player to the highest block at its current position
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>
        description: Undoes the lastest action the player used (airfloor, wall)
        aliases: [bu,buildrundo]
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>
        description: gives a Stack of items to the player
        aliases: [gv,g]
        usage: |
              /<command> <player> <itemid #|itemname> <amount #>
              Example: /<command> 20 50 gives a stack of 50 Glass to the player
        description: gives a Stack of items with the specified datavalue to yourself
        aliases: [gvx,gx]
        usage: |
              /<command> <itemid:data> <amount #>
              Example: /<command> 17:1 50 gives yourself a stack of 50 Redwood Log
        description: clears the inventory of the player
        aliases: [clrinv,ci,cleari,clear,clearinventory]
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>
        description: returns the location of the block under the player
        aliases: [loc,gps]
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>
        description: ports the player to the block that he is looking at
        aliases: [jmp,go]
        usage: |
              Example: /<command>

    Show Spoiler

    Commands: - /build command
    buildr.cmd.globalbuild - /globalbuild command
    buildr.cmd.allowbuild - /allowbuild command
    buildr.cmd.wall - /wall command
    buildr.cmd.wallx - /wallx command
    buildr.cmd.cuboid - /cuboid command
    buildr.cmd.sphere - /sphere and /halfsphere command
    buildr.cmd.cylinder - /cylinder command
    buildr.cmd.airfloor - /airfloor command - /top command
    buildr.cmd.undo - /undo command
    buildr.cmd.give - /give command
    buildr.cmd.clearinv - /clearinv command
    buildr.cmd.location - /location command

    buildr.feature.treecutter - required to use the treecutter
    buildr.feature.jump - required to use /jump
    buildr.feature.compassjump - required to jump using a compass
    buildr.feature.instantblockbreak - required to use the instantblockbreak (pickaxe) while in buildmode
    buildr.feature.instantblockbreakall - required to use the instantblockbreak (all items) while in buildmode (not able to break bedrock even with the permission below)
    buildr.feature.break_bedrock - allows the breaking/replacing of bedrock with the instantblockbreak pickaxe and the build commands
    buildr.feature.block_info - if the user rightclicks a block with a stick, detailed information about the clicked block will be printed

    rest is not done yet... might add it on demand but the limitations in the configfile should work for most situations

    • none atm.
    • v0.7.1
      • fixed typo in config file
    • v0.7
      • removed inventory-swap
      • added a config value for auto-gamemode change triggered by the buildmode cmd
      • renamed the give and givex command to gv and gvx
      • improved command feedback
      • added a block info tool for the stick
      • Buildr is now firing BlockBreak and BlockPlace events, so it (should) now respect Protection/Region Plugins
      • using the new event system
      • code improvements
    • v0.6.1
      • fixed /allowbuild permission
    • v0.6
      • added givex command
      • removed support for permissions2/3. Bukkitperms is the only supported system now.
      • all builder now have a replace input instead of the aironly stuff
      • fixed wallx builder
      • fixed bug caused by the Pinapp 2 plugin
      • code restructuring
    • v0.5.4
      • fixed player handling on login
    • v0.5.3
      • possible fix for the inventory swap bug
    • v0.5.2
      • fixed /reload inventory confusion
      • fixed bug with inventorystatefile
      • fixed worlds not being set to globalbuild via config
      • added config-value for keep buildmode over a disconnect
      • added config-value for forcing users to buildmode if a world is in globalbuildmode
      • added config version detection. If your version is outdated, a new config is created and the old one is renamed so you can easily convert your old settings over.
    • v0.5.1
      • added config value for the instant block break with all items
    • v0.5
      • added possibility to enable Globalbuildmode on startup in config (Thanks @Relick )
      • added possibility to break blocks with every item in hand while in buildmode (see permissions above) (Thanks @Relick )
      • added possibility to use jump with a compass in hand (see permissions above) (Thanks @Relick )
      • /jump command doesn't require the user to be in buildmode anymore (Thanks @Relick )
      • implemented rudimentary build-in bukkit permission support (untested). I recommend to use the old system for now
    Show Spoiler

    • v0.4.4
      • added permission check for bedrock breaking to the build commands
    • v0.4.3
      • added permission for bedrock block break
    • v0.4.2
      • bugfix for unlimited items
    • v0.4.1
      • added permission for instantblockbreak
    • v0.4
      • added /jump command
      • added the possibility to use wool with the builders ( /cuboid wool:blue)
    • v0.3.1
      • fixed treecutter bug where it would stop working after a attempt to fell a to big tree
    • v0.3
      • fixed timecheck for the globalbuild mode
      • added a sphere/half-sphere and cylinder builder
    • v0.2
      • minor bugfixes
      • added cuboid and wallx builder
    • v0.1
      • initial release
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    oh nice, this is exactly what i am looking for! perfect for the times when i need some mods to do a bit of building for the map, then they can continue playing as normal.
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    updated to version 0.2.
    added a cuboid and a wallx builder, more info on them at the features part of the mainpost
    + some minor bugfixes

    updated to version 0.3.
    - added a sphere/half sphere builder and a cylinder builder
    - fixed the timechecker

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    Jake Merc

    The cylinders and sphere and half sphere and circles arent working for me, cuboid as well as everything else is working fine. Yes the permissions are set right. It's registering as an unknown command. Any suggestions?
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    hm strange i checked the jar that i linked here and everything worked fine...have you tried to redownload it?

    edit: check which version no. is displayed on startup
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    Jake Merc

    lemme try it real quick
    I dled it after the updated but maybe the server was lagging or something

    Alright that fixed, thanks! Great work on this it's really nice, i think you have the only updated cuboid style plugin available right now.

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    nice to hear that :)
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    Jake Merc

    Alright another error, It randomly stopped working. I haven't changed anything and suddenly i cant right click and stuff. What i mean is that if i do /cuboid 0 it'll say right click first block and ill try to right click with the stick and nothing will happen, the nopickup when in ub stopped functioning as well as the super pick. I was working before and like i said it just stopped. The only plugin i changed was a multihome plguin and i removed that and re installed everything. We even wiped the entire server and started from nothing. Buildr also conflicts with giant trees, just so you know. Buildr broke all of our plugins the second time, as we uploaded one by one when we hit buildr they all broke, and once we removed it they remained broken. and we had to rewipe, i think it has something to do with global build mode
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    Good But Cuboid I'm Thing Is Better Only 3 Commands
    And I'm 11#
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    wow ok that shouldn't happen... well i checked giant tree and if i did something while a tree was created the treecutter stopped working but all other tools, especially the whole build stuff still worked without any problem..

    Also i'm running Buildr with a shitload of other plugins and never had a problem. So if you could give a list of all your plugins and maybe the serverlog if there are any erros... this really sounds strange and i can't imagine how this plugin should break others... so any additional info would be fantastic. Also the globalbuild mode does nothing else aside canel all drop and weatherchange events and setting the time back to 0 before it gets dark... im sorry for the trouble this caused to you... hope i can figure out a solution

    EDIT: ok i fixed the treecutter not working after trying to fell a too big tree and i also did some extreme testing with undoing like 20k blocks and worldedit/voxelsniper parallel, build stuff on one of the big trees generated and then undo them but nothing... the server didn't crash nor did any plugin fail oder behave uncorrect.. i also could still use the superpickaxe and drops worked as they should with globalbuild on and off... so i just can't reproduce your error..

    well version 0.3.1 is now linked as download so atleast this part is fixed.
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    If you can add jumpto as in WorldEdit I will ditch WorldEdit for this plugin, seems like you've done a really great work!
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    @maetthew thanks and there you go added it :)

    also added the possibility to use wool in all buiders usage: /wall wool:color
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    I really like this. Would be perfect for my needs with this permission:
    buildr.feature.ib - As a way of preventing users from using the instabreak functionality. Some on my server are not to trusted, along with others not wanting it at all.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    alright addded it. Permission is buildr.feature.instantblockbreak
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    Thanks so much! Using it already! Also I just saw that /jump was added, what does it do?

    Plus, I should of noted this earlier, but I forgot. Is it possible to make it so build mode is remembered if users turn it on (e.g. Player types /build, adds some stuff to this inventory, builds a bit then leaves. When they come back on they need to type /build again. Can this be an option set so when they turn it on, a file is changed from Player:no to Player:yes, and vise versa, therefore by default enabling build when they log in.) and also select worlds to have globalbuild on by default? I'm happy for it to wait until 0.5 or something, it wouldn't be a 5 second job after all. Maybe also an option so all held items and empty handed are instabreak rather than just the pickaxe.

    I'm being horribly requestive :p
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    A couple things to note.
    Redstone (ID 331) gets refilled with redstone ( ID 55), and that just looks ugly.
    Diodes (ID 356) gets refilled with some weird thing that looks ugly.
    Signs (ID 323) gets replaced with signs (ID 63), which doesn't work out if you want wall signs.
    Wool gets changed back to white after placing a block.
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    I'll have a look into these, but i think the part with the buildmode beeing saved is something that will be in the next release

    Should be fixed in 0.4.2, thanks for the report
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    Updated it, using it, and it's fixed. Thanks.
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    Can this be made to work with toomanyitems, the only way i get my items is to /build disable and then re enable it and the item is in my inventory. hope to hear something
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    Henny Looze

    The Download Link is broken, does it work for anyone else? (I tried both)
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    @Finner666 i'll look into it may find a way but have to look at how this mod

    Seems to be a general bug so you'll have to wait for a fix from either bukkit or the mod author

    @Henny Looze should work again, the server was restarted a few minutes ago
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    Bedrock is destroyable with the diamond pickaxe :O. You could make a permission for being able to break bedrock or not?
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    added the permission, should work althought i couldn't test it cause i'm on my laptop

    Edit: just thought about it, players are still able to "break" bedrock with the build commands... i'll change this asap i'm on my computer again

    done, bedrock should now be save from unwanted manipulations

    v0.4.4 added permission check for bedrock breaking to the build commands

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    could you change links, i can't seem to download from them...plz and thank you
    also i had an issue where once in a while my inventory from builder mode and non builder mode would fuse together.
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    yeah server was down again... dunno whats up with that thing... well added a filebeam mirror

    hm this shouln't happen... i already minimized the risk for this to happen but yea... i'll look if i can make it more secure
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    oh ok, thanks alot for the plugin as well. My wife and i built a castle using this plugin, probably would of taken us easily 1 month or so todo, got it done in like 2 days or so
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    I cant get the cuboid to become hollow. ingame I'd type /cuboid dirt hollow and it says hollow is true but still makes a solid block.
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    tried it right now with your input (/cuboid dirt hollow) and it builded a hollow dirt cuboid
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    Have you tried digging inside it?

    Anyway, on another note, I decided to have a look at your source. Very robust and neat, well done :). Then I decided I would change a couple things, simply so that I had some features earlier than when you would put them in (and I could finally get rid of the atrocity that is CreativePlus).

    In the linked jar, I have:
    If someone has the permission buildr.feature.instabreak, they can smash stuff with any item held.
    The diamond pickaxe instabreak's permission has been changed to buildr.feature.instabreakpick.
    Only the diamond pickaxe can punch through bedrock (providing the player has the buildr.feature.instabreakpick permission), meaning those with the standard instabreak permission don't plough through into the void.
    The permission buildr.feature.bedrockbreak has consequently been removed.
    The /jump no longer requires to be in build mode.
    Right clicking with a compass has the same effect as /jump, however they must have the buildr.feature.compassjump permission (and jumping must be enabled in the settings).
    Globalbuild can be set to startup on worlds of your choosing. Simply add world=true to the bottom of your config, and on startup 'world' will be automatically put in globalbuild mode. :D
    Any worlds placed there without the 'true' or simply not there at all will not launch in globalbuild.

    I'm still working on fixing the bug when the server is reloaded and people are in build mode (swapping the two inventory's positions), and making it so those who logged off in build mode are put back in build mode upon reenter.
    I hope you don't mind me mucking around like this ;-), but there's no need to reinvent the wheel, just improve on it. I'm also completely happy to remove this, and stop doing what I'm doing, and just let you get on with it. Just thought it might be useful to some people (and me :p).

    Buildr v0.4.4 (relick's modified)
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    Wow never thought of someone would look at the source ^^ And no, thats what open source is for ;)

    I'm quite busy with another bukkit related project atm so yea i wouldn't had made anything on this in the next time anyway. Your changes are really useful and i think other users will love them aswell and i would really like to get your changed source so, if you don't mind, i could put it out as 'official' release so there is one version out people have to look after and to make it easier to add changes in the future. This would happen with a huge credit to you of course.

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