[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    I'd just have to add another column to the MySQL table with world name and have an option configured to wprld trade only = true

    I'll probably eventually do it.
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    Does the /shop alias still exist?
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    I removed it since Bukkit aliases have been integrated.
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    Perfect, thanks for the help!
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    Could you configure BOSEconomy too?
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    Please could you add a limit to how much items could be sold for or make a notification like "You are buying 64 dirt for 50,000,000 gold.

    As some troll's on my server sell dirt for instance for really high prices so when someone with alot of money buy's dirt they lose alot of money without any notice.
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    I'm getting this error:
    Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/iConomy/iConomy
    iConomy 5.0
    VS 2.0
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    I can add permissions nodes all I like, with VS 2 and bukkit 1000 it will still let my members sell items...
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    @SwearWord I made a new world.
    Using multiworld so new players can start over.
    I use plugin to clear their invetories, to be separated in diferent worlds.

    But with VS now they can sell from the one world and buy from the other.

    Is there a way to configure to be on diferent worlds diferent buy/sell list?

    I also asked you a week ago if you can upgrade your plugin to have % settings that will rise the price. If someone wants 5 dollars for 1 diaond, it will go for 6, but the seller will recieve 5.
    This way someone can sell something for 10$ and then buy it back for 12, and this will remove the infinity inventory problem.

    Did you implement this?
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    Multiworld support is planned, I've been busy working on Towny and other projects.

    As for the "fake % settings" like I've said before, this plugin doesn't simulate ANYTHING. It tries to avoid simulation by using real player decisions to determine the price of everything. Having an arbitrary charge to avoid "infinite inventories" just on your server is not going to happen.

    The correct thing to do here is give players in the other world VirtualShop.nosell so they can't put anything up there.
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    @SwearWord I did that and reloaded permissions, they still can sell whatever they like there.. :(
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    That is 100% a problem on your end with incorrectly configuring permissions for multiple worlds.
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    Fake %? Are you kidding me? This is how iconomy works. There is always a % for the country/iconomy itself. When I buy something from someone, a shop for example, I give them 20 dollars but only 18 are for the shop owner, 2$ go for the country. Taxes.

    You think I am the only one that is not fhappy from this infinity inventory caused by VS, well I hardly believe that. The inventory isn't set to XX blocks places for no reason.

    I am kind of disapointed. I just told you 2 downsides for your plugin and you tell me that I can GTFO myself, literally. Too bad.

    Thx for your time so far, have fun and good luck working on your projects!
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    Would it be possible to have a "sign" version that works with this? I like this idea but would also like to give my players the option of having an actual "shop" where they can post their signs for a more "local" feel.
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    When buying something using a negative integer, it does not cancel the request, instead it takes the money and creates the item.
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    Thanks for notifying me, but every other permission works fine and I have copied your node, including all capital letters, entirely and used PermissionsPlus to put this in.
    I have tried this before, on another world, with manual editting. Also did NOT work.

    Perhaps you do not support Permissions 3 ?
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    This is exactly what I was looking for. REALLY the best shop plugin ever!
    Small suggestions:
    • Auto-grouping of entries. If a user submits 2 stacks of 64 wood, they should be listed as 128 wood.
    • Auto-fixing of different names. List all wooden swords as the same name, not the one the user chose when selling it
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    Actually the names are all the same. It just shows up as whatever you searched. If you put up an ironingot for sale and someone searches ironbar, it will show up as ironbar for the searcher.

    Grouping of entries is being considered.

    You are correct I boycotted Permissions 3 since it sucks. I'm moving over to SuperPerms and once Perms 3 updates everything will work.

    I forgot I was obliged to implement everything you suggest since I'm not doing this for free. I also forgot you had to use this plugin under penalty of death.

    That being said, I'm assuming when you said "this is how iConomy works" you mean economy. Charging an arbitrary free causes money to leak out of the economy. In real life, taxes go to a government. Money doesn't just vanish.

    I don't think the proper solution to charge money to place items on the shop. First of all I don't think it will do anything to stop people from using it as an infinite inventory since a 10% charge isn't even significant. You were hardly coherent in your post so I may not have understood you properly.

    The only real solution I can think of is to have some sort of time limit before you can use /vs remove. A few days or something.

    I think I fixed this a few weeks back, redownload please.

    Sorry I will not be implementing signs. Then again people can just make signs that say "Buy my wood! Type /vs buy 64 wood" and that would literally be the same thing.

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    My apologies, I forget I'm using the source. Any possibility of an updated source anytime soon?
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    Sweet thanks
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    Everyone should redownload it. Some bug fixes.
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    Does this work with essentials economy?
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    can you implement a system that limits what people can add to the shop? its likely to be abused as a storage system. Maybe such as maximum 10 different item types?
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    I tried to use /vs exchange for gold ingot, put a base value to 0.05 coin for 1 ingot, my players now loose money by exchanging ingot, cause /vs rates is now -2.5 :D.
    We cant use double for rates ?
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    You will have 100 virgin girls in heaven for doing great plugins for minecraft, I can asure you! :)

    Yes, real life economy :)
    In real life they don't just vanish - correct, but in the game money go from the tin air in the game by the plugin we have - heaven activity.

    Yes, a few days timelock to remove an offer is a good idea :)
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    I admit it's got some vital flaws right now but combined with PPlus it's pretty acceptable still. I for one got a load of plugins that depend on it ;(
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    Most of those features are things I've been too busy to add :p
    I just skimmed your code quickly, for the item stacking did you remember to stack only items that are the same price as well as metadata?

    Also you've hard coded in some caps and item prohibition, people are going to want configuration for everything.

    I don't think it makes sense to release yet another shop plugin that essentially has only a few extra commands. I'll pull some of your changes later this weekend and give you credit.


    Oh so your new price replaces the old one. That works I guess I can't think of a reason why people would price their items variably. And it solves tricking people into buying items that appear cheap.

    Yeah I think for the server you made it for you hard coded in the max price of items as well as certain items that aren't allowed. Don't worry about it I'll throw everything into a config.

    Most of the plugins I run on my server have been modified by me in some sort so go right ahead. Less work for me having to implement obscure features that a random person wants.

    I'd be more likely to help if you weren't calling the people who are making plugins for you as a courtesy "amateurs." Show some appreciation for those who do free work for you with no charge.

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    @SwearWord: Sorry about that. I was referring to amateurs as the opposite to professionals only in the respect of getting money for the plugins. Since you are not getting money for the plugin, there is no way to demand or to be sure what you are doing - or not, since there is no contractual obligation towards you. In the same way I am an amateur server admin - no matter what I am earning money for.

    While I agree that the way I wrote my blogpost could be seen as a degrading view of plugin-authors, I think one should take the context into the picture. I am trying to send a message to users the server who abuse plugins and take their functionality for granted, not to the people who make the plugins. If you talk about a general issue to a group at large with ages from 6 years upwards, you will have to use a different language than when you talk to individuals about a specific plugin. I hoped to have expressed my appreciation of this plugin and therefore your work already in my first post here, #145.

    Anyhow, I changed the wording in the blogpost. Again, sorry for the misunderstanding.
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    Any help ? :D

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