[ECON/WEB] VirtualShop v3.0 - Fight Communism with Free Market. #1 Shop Plugin now with WebUI [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by SwearWord, May 28, 2011.

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    Ha it's all good, I wouldn't want to spend 0.015825 of a coin, the idea of spending part of a coin just doesn't seem efficient
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    Also @SwearWord

    Not sure it is intended, but with the dynamic pricing you can get into negatives:

    2011-06-26 12:54:47 [INFO] [Virtual Shop] Sell PAPER: -36.20 Topians
    2011-06-26 12:54:47 [INFO] [Virtual Shop] Buy PAPER: -36.15 Topians
    2011-06-26 12:55:46 [INFO] Asel_M sold 789 PAPER for -12,979.05 Topians to Exchange
    2011-06-26 12:55:46 [INFO] Exchange sold 1 PAPER for 3.25 Topians to Asel_M
    2011-06-26 12:55:46 [INFO] Exchange sold 4 GOLD_INGOT for 16.50 Topians to Asel_M
    2011-06-26 12:55:46 [INFO] Exchange sold 1 PAPER for 3.20 Topians to Asel_M
    The player is a little angry, as before he sold the 700 papers the rate was still positive, and selling them he suddenly lost the 120000 :D
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    You are an expert bug finder. I'll fix this in the mean time, invest in paper!
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    Can I have the download link for 860? I am not quite ready to update my servers do to a few plugins *cough*worldedit + the other 90% of my plugins*cough* that haven't even updated to 935 yet.
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    This version has no changes, nothing in Bukkit warranted a change. You can use this on 860 with no problems.

    Just started the much needed complete rewrite.

    Planned Features:
    -Optional sales tax
    -MySQL support
    -Items with metadata (Hopefully)

    Version 2.0 Released!

    Not too many major visible changes, but I've got some long over due features out.

    • Version 2.0
      • Total rewrite. No more iPad code.
      • Added MySQL support.
      • Added item meta data.
      • Fixed selling item in hand.
      • Standardized coloring.
      • Moved to YML config.
      • Better pagination for /vs list
      • Better pagination for /vs log

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    So people can use the /shop hand command to sell more items than what they are currently holding..
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    I really appreciate your work on that plugin! It changes the way you trade on the server as items aren't spawned anymore by the shop itself.

    Could you please add some more permissions, though? I'd like to offer the shop to the members on my server for buying and selling items exclusively. In the past we've only used the buy and sell command until someone came and found out about some other commands (such as /vs exchange) and now certain users have much more money than others have. Unfortunately, this broke the whole economic system on my server. Now I have to undo some trades, which is at least easy since your plugin logs all trades.

    Is it therefore possible to restrict the use of /vs exchange, /vs invest and /vs rates? Thank you!
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    Ill have that done for you when I'm back on my computer in a couple of hours.
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    Thanks, but I prefer communism :) ;)
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    Your work here is AMAZING. I launched this in my server and people started getting into it like mad dogs. Few problems though...

    Diamond pickaxes (not sure if it happens with other items), When you put it on sale it broadcasts it as diamond_pickaxe.
    Then when buyers go try to buy that and type "diamond_pickaxe" I guess it registers it as just diamond because the buyer ends up buying diamond from some seller. Also, these diamond pickaxes don't seem to react to buyers that type dpick, diamondpick, diamondpickaxe, dpickaxe, and aswell as diamond_pickaxe. Which leaves these diamond picks inside the virtual shop system forever! Is there a page that tells me the names that the plugin uses? I tried all the alias under the spread sheet that's in the VS folder but none work.
    Another pretty major problem that we are having is the aftermath of racing for a good deal that some one posted.
    What happens is that 1. people see great deal 2. people start typing 3. first person that buys it wins (yay for them)
    4. It only notifies seller and buyer. 5. this is where the problem comes in and people that didn't type it in as fast start pressing enter and their request goes into the /vs system which then automatically buys the cheapest which could be some high jacked price that someone else posted. Of course I understand buyer confidentiality so I was wondering if some sort of simple broadcast could be sent out whenever a buyers item is bought. Doesn't have to have who bought it, just who the item came from to let others know that the deal has been taken.

    Another problem has came up, I have been reading around but it doesn't seem like anyone else has caught it. Super duping of mushroom soup.
    You can /vs sell <ANY MOUNTAIN SUM> mushroomsoup <whatever$> and it will only take up 1 mushroom soup that you are holding.
    Afterwards, just /vs remove mushroomsoup and you will get that Mountain sum of mushroom soup all over you. Lots of Mushy Soup.

    Actually... Just tested this out on others. Seems to work with everything as long as you go through /vs sell MOUNTAIN# hand PRICE

    Hopefully this makes sense to you >_< I'm reading it now again and it just gets jumbled in my mind.
    Thank you!Thank you! I really hope this does not seem like I am trying to prod and poke at you. >_> I am just trying to help. Still brilliantly written!
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    Hello, I have just started testing out your plugin, and Have found that when I do the command /sell 10 HAND xmoney it takes the entire stack away. So if i have 64 Diamonds and i do /sell 10 hand 1000 it takes all 64 diamonds away from my inventory and only puts 10 up on the market.

    I'm very excited about this plugin and can't wait to get my server up and running and see how it works in a real RPG Econ setting!

    -Edit: I realized this is the same thing that was said above me, I just didn't get what the guy above me was saying until after I re-read it again! sorry for double posting about the same problem <3
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    @Noobiefied @KyleCRat
    You cannot sell damaged items.
    Also for the hand dupe bug let me go fix it now.

    Added your permissions

    • Version 2.1
      • Fixed "hand" duplication bug.
      • Added permissions nodes VirtualShop.noexchange and VirtualShop.noinvest
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    "Error parsing items.csv on line 624."
    I'm using the default one without any modifications..
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    Thanks for adding the permissions in version 2.1. However, could you also remove /vs rates when not using /vs exchange and /vs invest as it is really confusing to see the price for a gold ingot there despite not being possible to actually sell them.

    A user on my server mentioned that your plugin has a very bad bug that allows you to steal from people. He discovered it accidentally when he stole iConomy currency from another user. This user reported that he doesn't know how your plugin chooses which player to steal coins from. He only types in /vs buy <item> <number> and it gave him a random amount of money from another account. Besides, he also claimed that this bug also allows you to have a negative amount of money.
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    I'll disable rates as well.

    As for the bug, I have NO idea. I thought I got rid of all the negative number exploits but I can double check. I might have forgot on /vs buy.
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    The download link is down D:
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    The download link for the source is down :(

    I have a suggestion:
    if you sell somthing you get
    <player> is selling <amount> <item> For 5 coins
    blokzeil1 is selling 10 stone for 5 coins
    but many people think that you sell 10 stone for 5 coins
    but you sell 1 item for 5 coins
    i hope you undstand this problem and you can fix it :)
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    I will change it to "SwearWord is selling 10 stone for 5 coins each"
    Source link fixed.
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    Can people exploit this by selling stuff for too heigh price and then delete the offer to get the items back to their inventory when they need them -> infinite inventory?

    Also can't you make 5% for the iconomy itself, so when I say something for 1 I get 0.95 and 0.05 are lost for forever?
    I have heaven activity se people earn money.
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    Yes people can store things on the vs by setting it to a high price. No way to stop this.

    I could make fees to place things on the vs. I'll add it to my todo list.
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    Maybe if you get your things back, becouse you didn't sell them, you have to be charged 5% of the price you set. Like you sold them, but you get 95% of the price you wanted.

    You didnt't comment about my idea btw:
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    i think that maybe it should be you cannot place any items for more that 10% more than the current value,

    so if there are currently no torches on the market, you can sell them for whatever price u want,

    some one new comes along to add torches, he must be a maximum of 10 abouve ur price,

    if u sold 1 torch for 100 dollars he cannt be above 110, but he can be lower, if he places torches on the market for 1 dollar then the next person can only place torches for a max of 1.1,

    i would like the list to only show the lowest for each item, i know this might be hard to program, but if i keep putting stone up while i am mining it, i will fill the screen with many different slots for stone, and i would onyl like to see the lowest, or have other people see the lowest, so that they cannot show favoritism,

    ok you just made me the happiest person in the world,

    i love ur exchange and rate,

    can u set that up for every item!
    or maybe
    make a new plugin for only that,

    people sell and as they sell the price goes down, and as they buy the price goes up, and maybe a moving average, based on the price and volume, following an exponential curve so it can never go negative, just get closer and closer to zero, and the higher the price the faster it goes up!

    but maybe this should be in a for loop
    so for each each item sold it is sold at a different price less than the the price before,
    so people cannot sell large amounts and get the high price for all them
    for i=amount; until i==1; i --;
    like for sell index=natural log (currentprice)
    index =index -1
    curent price = e^(index) e is that funny e on your calculator,

    and for buy
    for i=amount; until i==1; i --;
    index=natural log (currentprice)
    index =index +1
    curent price = e^(index) e is that funny e on your calculator,

    they would type /sell item amount or /buy item amount and /price item
    so they can see the current prices,

    but i cannot figre out how to have it started, maybe some default prices,
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    Amazingly fun plugin, SwearWord. I'd still have it on my server, except one of my players found this little glitch. They were able to type, for instance:

    /vs buy -1 wood

    and it would give them the money that the wood (or any other item, wood is just a filler) was up for sale. Hopefully you'll be able to fix this. This was indeed with your latest version. If you do fix it, I'll definitely re-add it!
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    have you updated the changes in your download?
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    I'm setting up a server where two groups will be enemies. Is there any way to create one shop for each?
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    Unfortunately I haven't added muti-shop support. I'll think about how to do this but I think it will complicate the commands even more than they are now.
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    I guess what you would have to do is make it so that it's grounded on permissions. Make it so that to purchase something, you have to have that group tag.

    But, then again, I don't know code at all. If you think it's too hard, I'm certainly not going to demand work for free. Thanks for writing this in the first place.

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