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    Nah, it's just a minor thing. What I meant is when you buy something in the shop, the currency is automatically put in the pool of currency that is reserved for buying items for customers. I would say that strictly speaking they should be separated, but its nothing to worry about.
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    Ahh that. Well, you could of course place separate sell and buy shops. Storing those two stashes of money separately wouldn't be too difficult. But the interaction with the shop gets a bit trickier then. And with currency being the last in the line of the .data file it wouldn't be a complete mess to add an optional second currency column. But in the end I think it would just confuse people.
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    Works on 740 perfectly btw, no problems at all.
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    I'll be honest if this supported iConomy or BOSEconomy I wouldn't look for another shop plugin ever. The items sold to you drop in the chest correct? (if so what happens when one tries to sell when it gets full? Do items disappear or does a message appear noting that it's full?)
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    Since some recent version it will only put as much items in the chest as will fit.

    And I guess I should at least look into having a simple chest where you can convert between iConomy/BOSEconomy to the configured currency for this plugin. I don't think I'll ever implement it so that the iConomy currency would be the backing currency for this shop mod. That's what other plugins do already and it would introduce several user interaction issues.
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    The reason why I would love the iConomy Support is that we use (our server calls it Krona) Krona for everything, not just Items, but plots, bounties, you name it. Krona can be generated several different ways using other plugins, eg: ecoMonster, uQuest. We also have a gold-backing system where people can turn in their gold for a fluctuating Krona amount. All of our plugins create an incredibly balanced economy on our server that's quite a bit of fun. The only thing I'm an advocate of is "less is more". In this case, the less commands I/the server have to remember from using LocalShops the quicker and easier trade becomes, therefore allowing more time doing something else fun, rather than fumble around with tangled and confusing commands. All the other chest plugins have the same concept as yours, but your format is idiot proof, lol. [DiamondSword], Buy 1 for 115, Sell 1 for 10, -comps Blacksmith- (if that fits, don't really care, they can use another sign) Straight forward format, and the chests naturally manage inventory/stock, therefore causing less bankrupts. :) I hope you do implement support for either one of the major economy plugins. I'll download and implement this into our server without a heart beat. But as it stands from now until this chest systems gets updated my fingers will have to weep over the unfavored /shop commands :-/ If I haven't made you guilty enough, *cough* I mean persuaded your unsurmountable intelligence enough, I would be happy to show you an in game demonstration sometime :) Just ask and I'll get you on our server in no time.

    With respect and courtesy to all plugin dev's,
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    Well, thank you for drawing such an extensive and clear picture.

    I haven't looked around for many other shop plugins, let alone those supporting iConomy/. What I disliked about the one I did use though, is that you would buy something only by clicking on a sign. Maybe it's my fault for being used to TradeCraft. But I thought to get some more information. After all, being verbose is polite. But I ended up spending almost all the free coins I got for something that was a bit more expensive than I'd have liked.

    Also, with that plugin you could only by at one set rate. I mean, with TradeCraft you just put as much currency/items in the chest as you want to spend/sell. But with that plugin you have to choose whether you want to sell in large stacks (set a rate like "64 for 40", or higher), or sell separate items. What if someone wants to buy specifically 11 pressure plates?

    I could just leave that to the shop owner I guess. But I'd need a second way of interacting with the shop. Since right-clicking on a shop with an empty chest (ie, no currency to buy with, or items to sell) is already used to get information about a shop. How am I going to let you buy using iConomy currency?
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    The current command based LocalShop plugin we use atm. Is deathly complicated to setup, imho. I have to
    1. /shop create <name of the shop>
    2. /shop add <itemname or ID> <amount you have to sell or 0 if you want to buy> (keep in mind you have to type all that in for each individual item you wish to trade currency for)
    3. /shop set sell/buy (which is completely confusing and backwards because you have to set it from the customers perspective) <itemname or I.D> <amount to sell or buy for> <how many in each stack or bundle to your choosing> 4. /shop list buy/sell just to view what the person has in stock.
    5. /shop buy/sell <itemname or ID> <how many you want to purchase> (this buys or sells from the set stack amount, lots of room for overbuying/overselling)
    On top of all this crap to put in lots of names are f'd up, I have to use GoldBar not GoldIngot(which is the correct definition imo). All in all, what player really want to take the time to look through all that, try to learn the right commands, ask a mod what the right item name to use is, then finally overbuying 16 bundles of 6 GoldIngots when all they wanted was 16 individual GoldIngots, pissing off that player and pushing them away from Economy. It works so-so at best in our sever, god knows how we still have a stable economy I think people are just making more trades on the side rather than using the shops, except our gold and diamond exchange shops, those are actually pretty popular. But all I'm saying is that, your plugin is the closest to completed, imo to a simple, commandless chest system. I've read the other chests/sign systems and using B:39 S:120, I mean seriously? What do those numbers even really mean? You'd have to go all the way into the wiki documentation to see exactly what they're for.

    Perfect System (imo) (including iConomy BOSEconomy or whatever kind of other major econ plugin a server wishes to use, or you wish to care to take the time to implement):
    You have a Chest, you have a sign over the chest, Line 1 reads, [ItemName, or ID], Line 2 reads, Buy 1 for 30(krona), Line 3 reads, Sell 1 for 5(krona), Line 4 reads -compgurusteve- (line 4 could be pushed to the top pushing the rest of the lines down 1, just for aesthstetics purposes, not a huge deal)
    You could
    A: Right-click/Left-click the Sign for buy/sell (all items will be stored within the chest, if it's full playback message: You cannot sell to this players shop at this time or shop full. If it's empty: You cannot buy from this players shop at this time or shop empty.
    B: Open the Chest itself see what's available in stacks/partialstack/ect. , prevent other items to be dragged/bought/sold other than that is displayed on the sign. When the customer is finished their transaction, they walk away to an adjacent block to trigger finished transaction and the Currency is then transfered depending on how much they've taken or deposited.

    This to me sets things simple from the get go. No commands to fumble with, they take what they need, or sell what they want, money is transfered, bada bing bada boom (sorry bad italian reference), I've now bought 3 stacks of arrows quickly before my big PvP arena battle.

    Apologies if I've set an overcasting tone (I'm just really passionate about my minecraft ^.^). If I knew Java/whatever you gods use to create things like these I would've already attempted such a feat, but unfortunatly my mind in the respectable field of coding is well feeble at best. Imho I think that if a system like this was created there would be no need for any other econ/shop plugin for minecraft/bukkit.
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    Heh, no worries.

    For one, there's no way that by walking away a transaction will complete. It will somehow have to be just by interacting with the sign/chest. There are several user interactions that need addressing.

    Player selling items to a shop is the easiest. They'd just place their items in the chest and right-click; done.
    Shop owner putting items in the chest is similar.

    Player buying from a shop. This is the core tricky one. Since you have no currency items to put in the chest, how are you going to tell that someone wants to buy. Right-clicking is already taken for showing shop info (when chest is empty). Left-clicking is used for breaking down the sign.

    Even when you do use right-click on the empty sign and forgo the shop info, you can easily click too often and buy more than you planned to. Or you have the situation where the shop makes you buy in too small or too large batches (though that's of less concern).

    One could let people type /buy [amount]. But that's not very user friendly either. Though it does immediately solve the problem of large/small batches.

    Hmm, I was actually wrong. One could use left-click to buy. Since the customer is not allowed to destroy the sign anyway. But that leaves the trick of clicking too often (and batch size). (There's the small issues of admins wanting to destroy player/infinite shops though.)

    Shop owner limit currency. Should a shop owner set a limit of currency for when he wants to buy items from customers? You might not want to risk losing all you money to someone who has been a bit over zealous in harvesting. How do you specify this amount?

    I guess this is exactly the reason why it is so hard to make economy based shops to be user friendly. I have an idea about a different approach though. What if a player could treat their economy money as a virtual ATM? There are some items in the game that cannot be gained normally and get 'lost' when you place them in the world. For example Redstone Wire (55), Portal (90), Diamond Ore (56)/other ores.

    You would have a command (or it could perhaps use some shop-like ATM interface) to deposit and withdraw money from the economy account and have it placed in your inventory. That item would then also be the currency for TradeCraft.

    About the ATM interface. It could be a sign, reading "ATM" with a stone button below/beside it. I'm not sure the Bukkit API supports it (it might need CraftBukkit, which I'd rather not do), but you'd then be shown the sign placing/editing interface. With perhaps your current account info on a few lines. And you would just type 'withdraw/deposit [amount]' and finish by pressing the 'done' button.

    I'm just posting the issues here and brainstorm about them. Feel free to join in :) But remember that the core issue is buying items from the shop.
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    I'm torn between this and PhysicalShop.

    PhysicalShop's handling is such:
    Left click on sign with anything gives shop info (and confirms that the shop exists).
    Right click on sign with currency to buy from shop (My server uses glowstone dust, rare enough and mcmmo lets you dig it up)
    Right click holding item to sell to shop.

    It has the same sign syntax since it started as a spinoff of TradeCraft when it went inactive, best I know.

    Both currency and items are stored in the chest below the sign, locked to only the owner of the shop. The owner can add currency or stock to the shop by just dropping them into the chest. This seems far simpler than storing both in hammerspace and requiring extra interaction to retrieve either.

    My conundrum follows: PhysicalShops doesn't have a 'TradeCraft.txt' analogue for defining easier-to-remember or more obvious aliases for common items like Cooked Porkchops, and I still can't figure out how to sell Compasses without using a second sign to tell people what item #345 is.

    I'm posting in both threads to maybe get that 'perfect' combination of both plugins together. PhysicalShop's simpler functionality with TradeCraft's infinite stock shops with preset prices and easy aliases.
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    Does it let you buy only the buy rate amount of items per click? Ie. if the buy rate is 10 (sand) for 1. And you want a 100 sand, you need to click it 10 times?

    I really like the part myself that you actually have to hand over the currency or items before you make the transaction. That way you'll never sell/buy more than you really intended.
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    Which is fine if the shop owner uses a reasonable quantity in the transaction, like 16 for most raw materials.

    It's very streamlined to walk up to a Minecart shop next to some tracks, right click it with money, and have the minecart right into your inventory. I'm not knocking this plugin, it has things I want, just want to point out that the simplicity of the other plugin shines. It's just faster.
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    Yeah, it is a minor thing, but I'd like to keep it in mind so it doesn't get terribly inconvenient.
    I get that, it indeed seems a convenient way. It could of course be an option. But thinking about supporting an iConomy backend, I need to figure out the alternative of clicking the sign with the currency item (stack) in hand.
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    I figure if an Admin of a server wants to allow a person to create infinite shops they should be given a seperate permission node. If Admins want to destroy that shop, that's his perogative, it's his server is it not?
    I do see a loophole in the method of someone trying to buy they just take the item, put it in their inventory then walk away. Is it possible to disable removing of items from the chest in general when a shop sign is above it? And only allow the items to be deposited into their inventory assuming they have room by a left-click of the sign? And the purchasing of too much items would be the customers fault, they could always sell it back, or will just have to wait for that shop owner to hop back online. I don't see any flaw with that on the plugin side.

    A: Add line 4: on the sign transaction limit. Add ingame message to player: "You are purchasing/selling from compgurusteve's shop" or not, the shop owner could put up a sign next to the shop saying this is his shop.

    B: Make a "filler" substance eg: dirt, to be placed in the empty slots creating a limit a customer can sell/buy from the chest would have to be manually set by the shop creator. No one buys dirt that I know of, but could be configurable in the .config file by the server owner.

    Personally I'm biased towards using something like redstone/glowstone as a currancy. In my case it defeats the purpose of all the other plugins we use on the server as well as iConomy in general. And ATM's? only if it had 2 towers of lava a cool ass redstone wire mechinsm that hooks up to another cool ass minecart despensering mechinsm that hooked up to a 10-lever "pin" input would I ever use one. Quick someone make this please. :)

    An adjustment to what I mentioned before about the dirt as a "filler" anything could be considered a filler, since you're defining what you're selling/buying in the first line of the sign.

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    It's not about how they could break down a shop, they'll simply be able to. But it's a question about them using the infinite or player shops. I guess I could make it so that clicking with nothing in your hand will let you buy stuff, but let you destroy it with anything in your hand.
    I don't understand this comment. There is nothing in the chest when the shop is not being used.
    I guess I'm too much carebear to worry about that. :)

    The 4th line is a bit superfluous yes. And though I shouldn't be afraid to drop features like that, it still has its use. But anyway, the sign so far only contains static information. You could set the limit on creation of the shop (/placing of the sign). But the plugin would have to keep track on the sign. And what if you want to sell more again. You can't go and remove the sign easily (since you'd have to clear the shop of items first). I could perhaps add my own sign editing option (I still want to figure out how that is even done in other plugins). But it's not really a preferable situation.

    I really don't want to go in this direction. It seems really clumsy to me. I guess I could let the shop owner click on the sign as many times as he wants to buy stacks. That's a lot of clicks though. Maybe a /command works here.

    Hehe. Well, the problem with using an item as currency is that a lot of plugins have a small set of features that implement cost using iConomy/other. Those can't all just use the item as currency model. After all, they work just fine as is, they just use iConomy. That's why I came up with the ATM idea. It is a sort of interface between the virtual iConomy wallet and the actual items you set as currency in TradeCraft. Just like a real ATM.
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    Wait...really? I thought you had to have that Item that you're selling actually in the chest in order for it to be sold to the customer? Kind of defeats the purspose of the chest in my opinion then. Might as well just be a sign shop. I guess I just don't really understand in full the internal mechanics very well. Care to explain?

    1. Thought the point was to keep away from all /commands?
    2. Stay away from the sign editing option that's an entirely new plugin its self.
    3. In your system it would be impossible to sell a different item than that was defined from the sign above it.

    I'm still a bit confused on the internal mechanics a bit to really see what's going on. But here's a little of what I think is happening, if not, maybe something like this could be created?

    Creating the shop:
    1. Put the chest down.
    2. Put the items in the chest (this is the storage/auto inventory check of the store) (if you don't have enough of that item you wish to sell, it won't be sold because it's not there. Vise versa for things sold to it, not enough room for it to be dropped into, it's impossible to sell.)

    3. Create the sign above it. (puts a tag on the person who created the sing as well as a link straight to the iConomy wallet of that person)(Making the sign would also set a bit telling the chest hey, don't let anyone except the owner remove items from the chest because this would cause stealing, essentially making it protected.)

    4.Shop owner defines what's being sold/bought [log] for example on the first line. (creating a natural barriers against other items within the chest. If log wasn't in the chest the time the customer wants to buy then it wouldn't be sold, therefore you could use any other item as the filler items, and would create a definable limit that the shop owner could adjust, just by adding or removing items from the chest, preventing too many items being sold or bought, saving that persons wallet.)

    5. Shop owner defines how much to be sold or bought on the second and third lines of the sign. A slight altercation of the formating would read: Buy 9 for 100, Sell 1 for 40 (this defines the stack size for each click transaction. Also defines the price/stack)

    6. Shop owner has the forth line to himself.

    7. Bits added to the sign: one for right-clicking, one for left clicking. Left clicking would tell it to use the 'Buy for' line, Right-click would tell it to use the 'Sell for' line. Buying would be different than selling, because it would require no physical item input from the customer, they would simple just left-click the sign that would automatically take the stack size from the chest and drop it in the customers inventory. Selling on the other hand would require the person to take the items out of their inventory, place it in the chest, if it has room, closing the chest and then right-click the sign, completing the sell transaction.

    Essentially the chest acts like a warehouse, and the sign acts as the cashier and warehouse worker.

    Let me know what you think.
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    Too much text to quote. But I'll split it in two:

    The mechanics of the shop. As I said, when the shop is not being used, then there's nothing in the chest (assuming everyone cleared up). All items and currency are stored in the TradeCraft.data file. The chest is just there as the exchange interface, hence the need to click on the sign.

    1-5: That's kinda how it works now yes.
    6: If the shop owner wants to place random text. Then he can just place a sign above the shop sign. So, giving them free use of the 4th line isn't really needed. And it's not like you can do much on one line anyway.

    7: I think the customer should just be able to sell a stack by clicking too. If it works for buying, then it should work the other way. But then there's no way to click on the sign for some nice formatted information (though it isn't completely necessary, I'd like to keep that).

    I do like your earlier idea (from another shop plugin) of having the shop-item in hand to sell. And otherwise buy. But I mentioned that before and that leaves some uncovered cases. There are still some uncovered cases anyway. Food for thought.
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    So really there's no interaction at all between the chest and the customer?

    7. Whatchu talkin' about wilis?
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    Yes, they use the chest to put the items they want to sell/currency they want to buy with in the chest. Then right-click the sign to do the trade, which trades items <-> currency in the chest (which the customer has to take out of the chest). But after that the chest itself is empty.
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    if i disable/enable the plugin it gets bugged, so that when people right click the sign it's like they double press right click
    so they first buy and then they sell the buyed item ending up in just loosing gold.
    do you understand? sry for my bad english
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    Your English is way better than my Svenska.

    I actually had that concern about double-transactions with this plugin as well. Was considering switching since PhysicalShop interfering with right-clicking of other plugins is obnoxious.

    ArmEagle, could you consider implementing the PhysicalShop functionality as an alternative enabled in a Config file? I'm sure you would attract the users of that plugin easily with your iConomy/BOSEconomy support once you work it out. The ATM idea is good, cash and credit, but this would really streamline the plugin for non-iConomy servers.
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    Hmm strange. I'm pretty sure I do not register any event listeners multiple times. That's one of the first things I changed when I started modifying the 'original' TradeCraft plugin; not registering on every enable and not acting on events when the plugin is disabled (I wish Bukkit was more structured about this). I also just tested it myself and when reloading the TradeCraft using Plugman, it simply keeps acting once on an interact event.

    I really wonder how you disabled & enabled it.

    But I think people just click too quickly, or the server is lagging. I should probably add a timeout per player/shop though to simply prevent that from happening.

    You mean the part where you click with the item or currency to make the transaction? I do plan to add economy support at some point and then you don't have a currency to click with anymore. I've also explained in the past how I actually like that you need to put the items/currency in the chest, preventing any accidental sales by (mis)clicking.

    I'm not saying I'm not going to change/add that. But what is wrong with PhysicalShop that you want to use my plugin? I'm fine with there being multiple roads leading to Rome. And that is still keeping me a bit from adding economy support. Other shop plugins already do that. Why would I go support it (though apparently people don't like how they interact with them, but maybe there is a great one out there)?
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    I tried it myself and I did not double click, this is the command i use to dis & enable it
    /plugin disable TradeCraft
    /plugin enable TradeCraft
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    I used PlugMan myself. Is that /plugin command from Essentials? CraftBukkit itself doesnt' support that right?
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    hey i made a bukkit forums account just to post this,
    95% balanced rates

    i hope this helps i struggled a lot fixing rates, :)

    heres the code
    Stone,          1,   4:1,    4:1
    Grass,          2,   32:1,    0:0
    Dirt,           3,   32:1,   32:1
    Cobblestone,    4,    8:1,    8:1
    Woodplank,      5,    8:1,    8:1
    Sapling,        6,    1:1,    1:1
    Bedrock,        7,  1:64,  1:64
    Water,          8,    1:10,    1:2
    WaterStat,      9,    0:0,    1:2
    Lava,          10,    1:20,    1:4
    LavaStat,      11,    0:0,    1:4
    Sand,          12,   32:1,    0:0
    Gravel,        13,   32:1,    0:0
    GoldOre,       14,    1:8,    1:8
    IronOre,       15,    1:4,    1:4
    CoalOre,       16,    1:1,    1:1
    Log,           17,    2:1,    2:1
    RedWoodLog,   17;1,   2:1,    2:1
    BirchLog,     17;2,   4:3,    4:3
    Leaves,        18,    4:1,    0:0
    RWLeaves,     18;1,   4:1,    0:0
    Birchleaves,  18;2,   4:1,    0:0
    Sponge,        19,   1:12,   1:12
    Glass,         20,    1:2,    2:1
    LapisOre,      21,    1:4,    1:4
    LapisBlock,    22,   1:6,   1:6
    Dispenser,     23,   1:18,   1:12
    Sandstone,     24,   16:1,    0:0
    NoteBlock,     25,   1:14,   1:14
    #BedBlock,     26,   1:10,   1:10
    Wool,          35,    3:1,    3:1
    OrangeWool,   35;1,   3:1,    3:1
    MagWool,      35;2,   3:1,    3:1
    LtBlueWool,   35;3,   3:1,    3:1
    YellowWool,   35;4,   3:1,    3:1
    LtGreenWool,  35;5,   3:1,    3:1
    PinkWool,     35;6,   3:1,    3:1
    GreyWool,     35;7,   3:1,    3:1
    LtGreyWool,   35;8,   3:1,    3:1
    CyanWool,     35;9,   3:1,    3:1
    PurpleWool,  35;10,   3:1,    3:1
    BlueWool,    35;11,   3:1,    3:1
    BrownWool,   35;12,   3:1,    3:1
    DkGrnWool,   35;13,   3:1,    3:1
    RedWool,     35;14,   3:1,    3:1
    BlackWool,   35;15,   3:1,    3:1
    YelFlower,      37,   1:1,    0:0
    Rose,           38,   2:1,    0:0
    BroMushroom,    39,   4:1,    4:1
    RedMushroom,    40,   4:1,    4:1
    GoldBlock,      41,   1:9,    1:9
    IronBlock,      42,  1:36,   1:36
    #2StoneSlab,    43,   1:1,    1:1
    #2Sandslab,   43;1,   2:1,    2:1
    #2WoodSlab,   43;2,   1:1,    1:1
    #2CobSlab,    43;3,   1:1,    1:1
    StoneSlab,      44,   2:1,    0:0
    SandSlab,     44;1,   2:1,    0:0
    WoodSlab,     44;2,   2:1,    0:0
    CobSlab,      44;3,   2:1,    0:0
    BrickBlock,     45,   2:1,    1:1
    TNT,            46,  1:20,   1:20
    Bookshelf,      47,  1:16,   1:16
    MossyCobstone,  48,   4:1,    4:1
    Obsidian,       49,  1:32,   1:8
    Torch,          50,   4:1,    4:1
    Fire,           51, 1:128,  1:128
    MobSpawner,     52,   0:0,    0:0
    Woodstairs,     53,   1:2,    1:4
    Chest,          54,   1:5,    1:5
    Wire,           55,   4:1,    4:1
    DiamondOre,     56,  1:36,   1:36
    DiamondBlock,   57,   1:288, 1:288
    Workbench,      58,   2:1,    2:1
    Crops,          59,   8:1,    8:1
    Soil,           60,   0:0,    0:0
    Furnace,        61,   1:1,    1:1
    #FurnaceOn,     62,   1:1,    1:1
    #Sign0,         63,   0:0,    0:0
    WoodHalfDoor,   64,   1:4,    1:4
    Ladder,         65,   2:1,    2:1
    Rails,          66,   1:4,    1:4
    CobStairs,      67,   1:2,    1:4
    #WallSign,      68,   1:1,    1:1
    Lever,          69,   4:1,    4:1
    SPPlate,        70,   2:1,    2:1
    IronHalfDoor,   71,  1:14,   1:14
    WPPlate,        72,   2:1,    2:1
    RedstoneOre,    73,   1:3,    1:3
    #RSoreglow,     74,   1:3,    1:3
    #Rstorchoff,    75,   4:1,    4:1
    RedstoneTorch,  76,   4:1,    4:1
    Button,         77,   4:1,    4:1
    Snow,           78,   0:0,    0:0
    Ice,            79,   0:0,    0:0
    SnowBlock,      80,   8:1,    0:0
    Cactus,         81,   3:2,    3:2
    ClayBlock,      82,   1:36,    0:0
    #SugarCane1,    83,   1:1,    5:1
    JukeBox,        84,  1:20,   1:20
    Fence,          85,   8:1,    8:1
    Pumpkin,        86,   1:1,    1:1
    NetherRock,     87,   8:1,    8:1
    SoulSand,       88,   4:1,    8:1
    Glowstone,      89,  1:27,   1:27
    Portal,         90, 1:256,  1:256
    JackoLantern,   91,   1:2,    1:2
    Cakeblock,      92,  1:18,   1:18
    #RSRepeatoff,   93,  1:10,   1:10
    #RSRepeateron,  94,  1:10,   1:10
    IronShovel,    256,   1:4,    0:0
    IronPick,      257,  1:12,   0:0
    IronAxe,       258,  1:12,   0:0
    FlintSteel,    259,   1:2,    0:0
    Apple,         260,   2:1,    2:1
    Bow,           261,  1:10,   0:0
    Arrows,        262,   2:1,    2:1
    Coal,          263,   1:1,    1:1
    Charcoal,    263;1,   0:0,    0:0
    Diamond,       264,  1:32,   1:32
    IronBar,       265,   1:4,    1:4
    GoldBar,       266,   1:9,    1:9
    IronSword,     267,   1:12,    0:0
    WoodSword,     268,   1:1,    0:0
    WoodShovel,    269,   1:1,    0:0
    WoodPick,      270,   1:2,    0:0
    WoodAxe,       271,   1:2,    0:0
    StoneSword,    272,   1:2,    0:0
    StoneShovel,   273,   1:1,    0:0
    StonePick,     274,   1:3,    0:0
    StoneAxe,      275,   1:3,    0:0
    DiamondSword,  276,  1:64,   0:0
    DiamondShovel, 277,  1:32,   0:0
    DiamondPick,   278,  1:96,   0:0
    DiamondAxe,    279,  1:96,   0:0
    Stick,         280,   16:1,  16:1
    Bowl,          281,    2:1,   2:1
    MushSoup,      282,    1:5,   1:5
    GoldSword,     283,    1:4,   0:0
    GoldShovel,    284,    1:3,   0:0
    GoldPick,      285,    1:5,   0:0
    GoldAxe,       286,    1:5,   0:0
    String,        287,   1:4,  1:4
    Feather,       288,   1:4,   1:4
    Gunpowder,     289,    1:5,   1:5
    WoodHoe,       290,    1:1,   0:0
    StoneHoe,      291,    1:2,   0:0
    IronHoe,       292,    1:8,   0:0
    DiamondHoe,    293,   1:32,  0:0
    GoldHoe,       294,    1:3,   0:0
    Seeds,        295,    4:1,   0:0
    Wheat,         296,    1:2,   0:0
    Bread,         297,   1:6,  1:6
    LeatherHelm,   298,    1:5,   0:0
    LeatherChest,  299,    1:8,   0:0
    LeatherLegs,   300,    1:7,   0:0
    LeatherBoots,  301,    1:4,   0:0
    ChainHelm,     302,   1:20,  0:0
    ChainChest,    303,   1:32,  0:0
    ChainLegs,     304,   1:28,  0:0
    ChainBoots,    305,   1:16,  0:0
    IronHelm,      306,   1:20,  0:0
    IronChest,     307,   1:32,  0:0
    IronPants,     308,   1:28 ,  0:0
    IronBoots,     309,   1:16,  0:0
    DiaHelm,       310,   1:160,  0:0
    DiaChest,      311,   1:256,  0:0
    DiaLegs,       312,   1:224,  0:0
    DiaBoots,      313,   1:128,  0:0
    GoldHelm,      314,   1:6,  0:0
    GoldChest,     315,   1:8,  0:0
    GoldLegs,      316,   1:7,  0:0
    GoldBoots,     317,   1:5,  0:0
    Flint,         318,    1:1,   1:1
    RawPork,       319,    1:8,   1:8
    CookedPork,    320,   1:10,  1:10
    Painting,      321,   1:16,  1:1
    GoldApple,     322,   1:66,  1:66
    Sign,          323,    1:1,   1:1
    WoodDoor,      324,    1:4,   0:0
    Bucket,        325,    1:6,   1:3
    WaterBucket,   326,    0:0,  1:10
    LavaBucket,    327,    0:0,  1:12
    Minecart,      328,   1:12,  1:12
    Saddle,        329,   1:16,   0:0
    IronDoor,      330,   1:14,  0:0
    RedStoneWire,  331,    4:1,   4:1
    SnowBall,      332,   32:1,   0:0
    Boat,          333,    1:8,   1:8
    Leather,       334,    1:1,   1:1
    MilkBucket,    335,    1:7,   1:7
    #ClayBrick,    336,   1:5,  0:0
    ClayBalls,     337,    4:1,   4:1
    SugarCane,     338,    1:1,   5:1
    Paper,         339,    1:3,   1:3
    Book,          340,    1:4,   1:4
    Slimeball,     341,    0:0,   0:0
    StorageCart,   342,   1:20,  1:20
    PowerCart,     343,    1:8,   1:8
    Egg,           344,    6:1,   6:1
    Compass,       345,   1:10,  1:10
    FishingRod,    346,    1:8,   1:1
    Clock,         347,   1:36,  1:36
    GlowDust,      348,    1:3,   1:3
    Rawfish,       349,    1:8,   1:8
    Fish,          350,   1:10,  1:10
    BlackDye,      351,    1:6,   0:0
    RedDye,      351;1,    1:6,   0:0
    GreenDye,    351;2,    1:6,   0:0
    cocoabean,   351;3,    4:1,   4:1
    lapis,       351;4,    1:6,   0:0
    PurpleDye,   351;5,    1:6,   0:0
    CyanDye,     351;6,    1:6,   0:0
    LtGreyDye,   351;7,    1:6,   0:0
    GreyDye,     351;8,    1:6,   0:0
    PinkDye,     351;9,    1:6,   0:0
    ltGreenDye, 351;10,    1:6,   0:0
    YellowDye,  351;11,    1:6,   0:0
    LtBlueDye,  351;12,    1:6,   0:0
    MagDye,     351;13,    1:6,   0:0
    OrangeDye,  351;14,    1:6,   0:0
    BoneMeal,   351;15,   12:1,  12:1
    Bone,          352,    2:1,   2:1
    Sugar,         353,    1:1,   5:1
    Cake,          354,   1:18,  1:18
    Bed,           355,   1:20,  1:20
    RSRepeater,    356,   1:10,  1:10
    Cookie,        357,    1:2,   1:2
    GoldDisc,     2256,   1:32,  1:32
    GreenDisc,    2257,   1:32,  1:32
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    Slow updates, no dev feedback, I think it has some interference with the right-click abilities of mcmmo.
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    did you gonna make a version for 1.5 ?
  29. Offline


    The current/latest version is already supporting 1.5 for quite some time now (I don't think it needed any changes from 1.4).
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    Ok thx ^^
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    Great Plugin, I love anything that makes it so users do not need to do /slash commands. You rock ArmEagle, will be using this heavily on our server.

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