Inactive [ECON] Simple Region Market v2.2.1 - The best market for WorldGuard regions [1.3.1-R2]

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    Simple Region Market

    Please visit for the latest downloads & news!

    I am still OpenSource, licensed under WTFPLv2 !

    • Version 2.2.1
      • Fixed a bug in limits that came up when buying/renting a region
    • Version 2.2
      • Rewritten limits system
      • Added priorities in limits
      • Limits command /rm limits done (works in the console as well)
    • Version 2.1.4
      • Fixed hotels and maximum renttime in templates
    • Version 2.1.3
      • Added new limits global.player.playername and name.player.playername
      • Fixed a bug when expanding regions
    • Version 2.1.2
      • Templates can now use [[price]]:[[time]]
      • Changes LET and HOTEL to use [[price]]:[[time]] and added [[account]] in the last line
    • Version 2.1.1
      • addmember, removemember & addowner, removeowner functionality
      • templates.yml will be automatically updated
    For any older versions, look on the GitHub page and search through the commits.

    I am not affiliated with the team on BukkitDev. They are doing their own Simple Region Market. I am not the one who fight wars, I just don't care what they do. This is the original Simple Region Market with me as the original author and I continue, because others asked me to do and I want to.
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    I found a refreshed site on dev.bukkit with new version of srm but limits still dont work for now :(
  3. Have you tried the older version?
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    where can we find a older version?
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    This plugin is broken dude. The money does not get withdrawn from iConomy. I think you need to do more troubleshooting on it.
  6. Try the "not beta" on his site?
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    Anyway so that a chest/furnace/door is private for the person who owns a room? Thanks in advance. I've seen it work on a prison server, but don't know how to do it myself...
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    Error: when i want to buy a region it says
    -SMR: you do not have the permission to buy that region

    I instaled it like every plugin. Vault is instaled too (with iconomy). And when i hit a sign it says You do not have the permission to buy that region. No erros in log.....
    I added the permissions sucsessfully( no errors)
    I am using the following plugins:
    World edit
    World guard
    Your plugin
    Essentials ( with group manager)
    I really need this plugin. Please help me
    Jetzt in deutsch
    ich habe es instaliert wie jedes plugin . Vault ist auch da (iconomy auch),
    Und wenn ich auf ein schild klicke steht dort: you do not have the permissions to buy that region. Jedoch habe uch alle permissions eingetragen wie sie auf der homepage stehen.
    Erros stehen keine im log. Alles funktioniert eben außer sich eine region zu kaufen.
    Ich brauche dieses plugin dringend . Bitte helf(t) mir .
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    Jordan R

    It says I cannot extend the room.. Is that a permission error or something? Help!
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    Simple Region Market brings a lot of errors while booting my server, is this plugin broken ( on CB1.2.5-R4.o)? I need this plugin ! Please help.
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    Hmm. I tried the old version and it works.
    Thanks for this awesome Plugin!!!

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    Really hope you change your mind and continue working on it.
    If not hopefully someone will pick it back up.

    Just literally finished building a whole area just for renting land, farms, shops, etc with this plugin. :(
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    Jordan R

    Literally same for me too. Lol.
  15. The Hotel (renting) works flawless for me. Great plugin.
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    For now, I will maintain it, I have some java knowledge, so I will maintain it until somebody better can do it, it was a really good plugin and I'd like to keep it going!
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    I really hope, there is somebody that would to continue it!
    Thank you, Fellow for continuing!
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    It's really a good plugin, shame, I hope it y'en who have the will to continue! Thank you for everything! :)
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    I have set up a post on the bukkit forums (Link underneath)

    >>Forum Post<<
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    Thanks ^^
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    When my players want to buy a region it says "You don`t have permission to buy that region". Can you please help me?
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    I do continue this plugin for now :)
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    Deleted user

    i know :D
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    Dankeeee :DD
    Die alte Version scheint aber noch zu funktionieren ;)
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    why Players cant buy a region even with
    so strange ,, the old version works perfect but this one keep giving me this message
    You Don't have the permission to buy that region.

    BTW i love your plugin its the one i used for making plots ,,
    dont stop & keep it up ,
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    b4ck: Please do not send a PM and a forum post at the same time.
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    Ops sorry dude :(

    hope u fix the problem
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    i don't know how but it suddenly works O,o

    well done the_Zorro :D
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    Hi! It works at 1.4
    How to set limit per group like VIP?
  31. Hi!

    I am from Germany so I can't speak English like you!

    I have a problem. I don't know, what I am doing wrong, but my fault has to be somewhere.

    I installed your plugin and it created the SRM-Folder. Everything's okay. But if i place a sign with

    It doesn't work. If I press "Done" the sign's content gets:
    without clicking on it.

    If I write
    /region info A1
    I am not the owner!

    I use the standard-configuration and the Recommended Build of the version 1.3.2.

    I hope you understand my problem and hopefully you answer fast.

    I am from Germany so I can't speak English like you!

    Thanks a lot!

    EDIT: Yes, i have installed Vault, WorldGuard, WorldEdit and stuff like that!

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